Urgent prayers needed for the college pro-life community

Kortney and her husband Ben on their wedding day.

A car accident took the life of Kortney Blythe Gordon, 28, and her pre-born daughter Sophy, Saturday night following a Students for Life conference in Macon, Georgia.

Jon Scharfenberger, another staffer for SFLA, was in the car and currently is in critical condition. Two other individuals were also in the car and were injured, but their injuries are not life-threatening.

The driver of the other car was allegedly speeding and passing cars on the two-lane road. He was also killed in the accident.

Fervent prayers, of course, go out to Ben Gordon, who will have to bury his unborn daughter and the bride he married in May. We also pray for all of Ben’s family and Kortney’s family.

I have served on the Board of Students for Life of America for almost a decade and have been so privileged to meet the dedicated pro-life heroes on the front line of the pro-life movement. So my heart aches in a special way for all the employee-friends of Kortney. One could easily turn from grief to anger during the days to come, especially given the tragic way she and her daughter lost their lives.

For these hard-working young pro-lifers, they are not only grieving the loss of Kortney but they are still anxiously praying for their other friend Jon, who remains unconscious in the neurological intensive care unit.

A Catholic priest is meeting with staff members to help them grieve and mourn the loss of their friend. Friends from other pro-life organizations are stepping up to help behind the scenes in countless other ways. It’s during moments like this that you appreciate how the entire pro-life community truly is a family.

Prayers also go out to the thousands of students across the country that met Kortney and knew her amazing missionary zeal to save unborn children. Most young people in the 20s have not yet experienced the death of a loved one. Please storm Heaven with your prayers and fast for those who mourn.

For an excellent reflection, please read what Dr. Gerard Nadal, head of Medical Students for Life, has written about Kortney and Sophy.

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.

May they rest in peace, Amen.



  • Stephanie

    I cannot begin to fathom the terrible grief Ben and all of their family and friends are experiencing at this moment. No words can truly comfort or express the gravity of the situation. No one is untouched by death and you do not think it will come knocking at your door so soon. My father-in-law just died in a tragic accident 6 weeks ago. He was 56 years old and just had 2 gran-daughers born. The grief my husband is going through is immense. Thank you for posting this story, I have been brought to tears.

  • Marianne

    I am so sorry for your loss! May Kortney and Sophy be interceding for pro-life causes at the foot of the throne. May they be waiting for you among the angels. My heart goes out to those touched by this tragedy.

  • Cheryl Holliday

    Prayers are with the family. What a terrible loss.

  • davide

    oh wow i am very sorry.

  • Kathy Schuh

    So sorry for your losses! I want to share this link with you. It is a page of links from a local group for miscarried/stillborn babies. I think some of the links may be beneficial to Ben and the rest of the family.
    My prayers go out to you all.

    God bless,



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