Vatican Archbishop: People Returning to Confession Because of Pope Francis

According to the archbishop in charge of the Vatican office promoting new evangelization, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of people going to confession since the election of Pope Francis.

confessionArchbishop Fisichella told Catholic News Service that testimony from priests and bishops from Europe to Latin America has confirmed that this is potentially a worldwide phenomenon.

[A] lot of people have been going to confession and many have said that while they hadn’t gone in a long time, they felt touched by the words of Pope Francis.

Amazing.  More here.


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  • TM

    This is a conversation in which every Catholic should engage. Confession is so wonderfully human, it answers that need we all have for another person to tell us out loud, point blank, “you are forgiven.” Combine that with the fact that the priest acts on God’s behalf and the liberating nature of confession is more than we mortals can fathom – yet there it is. I talk about confession with every Catholic I know, because many people do not go, and they need to hear updated testimony as to why they can go, and should go. People carry all this baggage from childhood, and do not understand confession as a valid exercise for a mature, Catholic adult. If you can help someone decide to return to confession just once, God will do the rest. (And you’ve racked up points for “spiritual work of mercy.”) It’s evangelization you can practice every day.

  • deodat ngalioma

    I’m very much inspired by the catholic church since the election of OUR beloved POPE,,Francis I. He has revived my faith and of many other Catholic here in Tanzania and the entire African continent. We’re proud of the POPE.Long live Pope Francis



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