Vatican Makes It Official: +Chaput to Philly! And I’ll be at the Presser…

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia website looks a little different this morning:

And now another nice little surprise: I’m currently aboard a train bound for Philadelphia. The presser is scheduled for 10AM EST. I’ll be tweeting live updates here, and probably blog post directly after the press conference concludes. You can watch it online (live) here.

The Archdiocese has a special page up for the announcement:

Following the news conference, Cardinal Rigali will be the main celebrant and homilist for a Mass concelebrated by Archbishop Chaput as well as Auxiliary Bishops and priests of the Archdiocese. All are invited to attend.

Looks like today is shaping up to be very full!

For those of you looking to know Abp. Chaput better, Thomas Pringle has a helpful post. If you want to read my thoughts from yesterday on what an Abp. Chaput appointment would mean (and now we will all find out), click here. Finally, this is a must-read: Abp. Chaput’s exclusive interview with John Allen, released this morning so as not to violate the embargo.

…oh, and for those wondering — it’s pronounced SHA-PEW (as in the pew of a church).



  • miss

    I really loved that article you linked by John Allen. I can’t wait to find out about the Capuchin tradition. Thanks

  • Chen

    We can all watch over the next few years as Chaput leads more and more faithful away from the pews.

    • Thomas Peters

      Chen – wanna bet?

    • Slats

      Chen, let’s say you’re right statistically speaking. I can tell you right now from the get-go that the gargantuan majority (to throw out a reasonable number, say 95% of them) of those who leave due to Abp. Chaput’s (sure to be stratospherically fantastic) leadership are ALREADY GONE. Their hind ends might be warming seats on Sunday, but if they have a problem with anything Abp. Chaput has to say, it is because they have already been conclusively converted by the world. They already believe what the world teaches in place of what Christ taught/teaches. Anyone who believes the deposit of the faith (e.g. that abortion and genital acts between two people of the same gender are grave evils) will have no problem whatsoever with anything Chaput teaches. And want to know something else? His excellency is such a great evangelizer that I bet that the number of current Catholics, non-Catholics, and lapsed Catholics that are converted to becoming all-in, committed, orthodox, of-one-heart-and-one-mind-with-Christ Catholics actually, literally outnumbers the latent apostates that to whom you alluded. I acknowledge that that’s a very bold claim on my part. Abp. Chaput is that good.

    • Curious

      Chen, ……Out of the pews, into the confessionals, and back into the arms of our Lord as faithful receivers of the Eucharist. What a BLESSING Bishop Chaput will be to all living for eternal life with our Father in Heaven!!

    • S Monzon

      Chen – Why such a statement, what are you basing it on?

    • Scott W.

      Behold the fruits! In this case, sour grapes.

  • Davide

    Sweet! Exciting stuff! Keep safe.



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