Vice President Biden tells religious leaders what to preach about

On Monday, May 6th, Vice President Biden met with a group of religious leaders to discuss gun control. The Associated Press reports that during their two-and-a-half-hour meeting, Vice President Biden told those in attendance to instruct their followers to support the Obama administration’s efforts to place tougher restrictions on firearms, because that’s “the moral thing to do.”

Joe Biden

While I have no problem with the administration conversing with religious leaders, the fact that the media isn’t up in arms about this should send a chill down your spine. Why? Because the White House is directing faith leaders to preach about politics from the pulpit! Isn’t that a breach of the separation of church and state? Why is the political left not upset about this? Wasn’t this mix of faith and politics precisely what prompted the media to lash out at Catholic priests who were telling “their flocks” that the HHS mandate was morally wrong? Weren’t pastors who reminded their congregations that abortion and same-sex marriage are offensive to God during the 2012 presidential election accused of preaching politics from the pulpit? Why the radio silence?

If, as the AP report indicates, Vice President Biden “wants pastors, rabbis and nuns to tell their flocks” to keep “up the pressure” by re-framing “the debate for their followers in moral terms,” doesn’t that make him guilty of breaking the first commandment of liberalism: Thou shall respect the separation of church and state? Apparently not. Apparently the wall of separation between church and state is only visible when a Republican is president. What a sad day for America.


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  • david

    Government shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prevent the free practice thereof.

  • Kelly Bustard

    That is wonderful – now if preachers are going to preach politics, let them start filing tax returns and paying taxes.

  • NoreenD

    What right has he to tell clergy how to “instruct” their followers. Biden, himself, does not follow Catholic Church teachings. He claims to be a Catholic yet he consistently holds a pro- abortion position.

    Why can’t he and Obama get over the fact that the American people do not want their Constitutional rights enfringed upon?

  • Leif Magnus

    Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.
    John 4:1

  • annie


    • Antonio A. Badilla

      “Moron,” Who, Biden? I agree.

  • jgbech

    I like Joe Biden, but he has a history of goofing on delivery.

    Separation of church and state is dear to my soul. My Bishop, Robert Lynch played a political film at St. Thomas Aquinas in New Port Richey that focused on 2 Florida Amendments. Both dealt with religious freedom. Lynch called for a YES vote on both. Both were voted down!

    Lately, it seems the Catholic clergy and the Republican Party, (mine no more), keep tripping over the constitution and dogma. They don’t seem to be able to distinguish between either.

    To my knowledge Lynch was never challenged and remains a recipient of taxpayer funding. The separation rule has no teeth.

    Here is a blatant violation of the separation rule.

    • Ran-El

      That’s probably because there is no such rule.

    • Ty
    • Doug Pearson

      Which “rule” are you referring too? Please point to the place in our constitution that forbids a religious leader from saying anything he or she likes to whomever he or she likes whenever he or she likes.

    • Thomas Cavera

      Churches are allowed to speak out regarding public referendums. They cannot promote a political candidate but a state proposal is different. There was no violation.

    • JF

      I was in Florida at that time and recall those 2 amendments in question. By the way. a member of the clergy is not permitted to endorse a political party, but they are permitted to endorse or publicly rebuke an issue so far as this pertains to issues concerning the church or her teachings.

      Let’s start with the first of those 2 amendments

      Amendment 6: Prohibition on Public Funding of Abortions

      this one is self explanatory, a yes on 6 meant that the federal ban on abortion funding would be codified into the state constitution. this means that if a federal ban were ever lifted the state ban would still apply. The church has a vested interrest in guiding people away from sin, even proximate causation of sin through funding or desire to fund. therefore it can be seen as the church pastorally instructing parishioners to avoid the proximately sinful option.

      Amendment 8: Religious Freedom

      This amendment existed to remove the prohibition in Florida’s Constitution that prevents religious institutions and associated programs from receiving taxpayer funding. by removing this prohibition it would not violate the separation of church and state since no one church was favored. rather, it would have moved the florida constitution in line with the federal constitution. As it was a matter which directly affected church bodies, they also were able to discuss it with the parishioners.

      your bishop was well within his rights. he would have been out of his rights to tell you who to vote for, but to ask what issues to vote for or against as long as it is pertinent, is entirely within his rights. Joe Biden on the other hand overstepped his bounds by telling politicians what to vote for and not ending it by saying it was his opinion, but in making a morally declarative statement. he has no authority within his or any other church to command their doctrine or dogma.

    • James

      jg, did you even read the article ? You should get a doctor to look at that jerking knee.
      You let us know where you stand ecclesially and politically when you said you “liked” Biden. The rest of your comment was sadly predictable. PLEASE- the Episcopal church needs members badly. Go help them.

    • Antonio A. Badilla

      Well Annie, I don’t like Biden or his hypocritical ilk. I don’t get how a man who is a Catholic approves of abortion or gay marriage. I also don’t see how his party, in the platform, during the Democratic National Convention actually were ashamed to mention God. I don’t like it one bit when he goes to Rome and has the audacity to take Holy Communion. But I would be interested to know what you feel about Democratic politicians going to Baptist churches to create religious services into political rallies at the same time that the media ignores the violation of the separation of Church and State, or is that “sin” only applied to Republicans?



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