Vice President Biden tells religious leaders what to preach about

On Monday, May 6th, Vice President Biden met with a group of religious leaders to discuss gun control. The Associated Press reports that during their two-and-a-half-hour meeting, Vice President Biden told those in attendance to instruct their followers to support the Obama administration’s efforts to place tougher restrictions on firearms, because that’s “the moral thing to do.”

Joe Biden

While I have no problem with the administration conversing with religious leaders, the fact that the media isn’t up in arms about this should send a chill down your spine. Why? Because the White House is directing faith leaders to preach about politics from the pulpit! Isn’t that a breach of the separation of church and state? Why is the political left not upset about this? Wasn’t this mix of faith and politics precisely what prompted the media to lash out at Catholic priests who were telling “their flocks” that the HHS mandate was morally wrong? Weren’t pastors who reminded their congregations that abortion and same-sex marriage are offensive to God during the 2012 presidential election accused of preaching politics from the pulpit? Why the radio silence?

If, as the AP report indicates, Vice President Biden “wants pastors, rabbis and nuns to tell their flocks” to keep “up the pressure” by re-framing “the debate for their followers in moral terms,” doesn’t that make him guilty of breaking the first commandment of liberalism: Thou shall respect the separation of church and state? Apparently not. Apparently the wall of separation between church and state is only visible when a Republican is president. What a sad day for America.


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  • Malia

    Biden is using religious leaders as “useful idiots” because even our own Catholic Church won’t excommunicate him or Pelosi when they continue to cause great public scandal. Where are our leaders?!

    • florin

      You’re right Malia…Biden has no right promoting the mass murder of millions of human babies in the womb…he even went to Africa to tell leaders there that if they would include abortion in their new constitution then money would flow but if they refused…and yet, despite the fact that Biden and Pelosi aggressively and publicly promote these mass murders, they are considered Catholics in good standing with the Church and receive the Eucharist. This is tragic…some of our Shepherds choose to stand with those responsible for mass murder and not with those who are being killed…how did we ever come to this??? Pelosi, Biden and others can say they don’t want to ‘impose’ their faith on others…then they should just be quiet but no…they are loud and aggressive in demanding that babies be exterminated in the womb…all of our recent Popes have declared that those who publicly promote abortion should not present themselves for Holy Communion…they need to go to confession and publicly renounce their pro-death agenda…and innocent human babies created by God in His image are left defenseless to die an often excruciatingly painful death…where are our Shepherds?!!

      • Antonio A. Badilla

        Florin, I fully agree with your assessment!

    • Captain America

      Malia’s absolutely right. Like it or not, this kind of stuff will happen when you have the backbone of a cream puff.

      Not that I believe in being harsh. But sometimes actions need consequences.

  • Sandra Farrell

    No one having a political agenda should be telling the church what to preach. I think this is actually what the communist party would do. Simple to see the agenda. They want our guns, but they will keep there’s. they have drawn a line and they want us to stay on one side with no protection, while they keep theirs.

  • A P O’Beachain

    few topics from the pulpit of committed wise and informed preachers are devoid of an ethical-social dimension, That is not an issue or the problem. It is preachers endorsing candidates and immoral causes and politicians using pulpits to politicise the Gospel and in this case, Mr Biden promoting an agenda that is a matter of prudential judgment about which people disagree. I have said for a long time that guns are too readily available and used too often by police and citizens and criminals in the USA. And that the NRA has made the Second Amendment into an absolute right that was never the original concern and context of the Founders.

  • Frank

    The toadies like the Jesuits on the anti-Christian left will obey anything their demonic god biden and B.O. will tell them to do.

    Watch the Jesuits and other leftie fake Catholics start the invective about the 2nd amendment while remaining complicit with abortion.

  • marye




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