Victory! Anti-Catholic “Diversity” Training Revised After CatholicVote Takes Action!

Two weeks ago I asked the AmP/CV community to join me in taking action to express outrage over a mandatory university training that negatively stereotyped Catholics.

Today, I’m happy to report that, as a fruit of our efforts, the training was pulled and revised:

Last week I wrote about an offensive Catholic stereotype used in our university system mandatory EEO training. The post, with a screen shot of the slide, received quite a bit of attention when Thomas Peters, American Papist at Catholic wrote about it.

After noting the overwhelming response and shared outrage, I posted in the comments asking for time to do a little follow up on my end.

… I can report that as a direct result of my complaint, the training department removed the offensive slide from the program, and after review, replaced it with an adjusted, rewritten scenario that no long includes the derogatory stereotype! — OfSoundMindAndSpirit

And there you have it! Bravo to everyone who expressed dismay that Catholics would be singled-out in a training that was supposed to promote tolerance.

Together, by remaining vigilant and taking action, we can defend the rights of Catholics and of our faith to be treated fairly in the public square. That’s all we ask.



  • Rob

    So what does the new slide say? Is another religion mentioned? Does that make it okay?

    • Shelly @Of Sound Mind and Spirit


      The text of the new slide may be read on It only says the two women are of different faiths. There is no reference to any specific faith.

  • Davide

    Bravo indeed! Thank you Tom. Well done….

  • Kathy16670

    It seems like it’s always “open season” on Catholics. I’m sure they would never have even considered stereotyping any other faith so negatively.


    Dear Thomas ~ Please take this as constructive criticism. Your original article urged readers to complain to the US Equal Opportunity Commission which several did. During the discussion, some of us noted that the original source, “Of Sound Mind and Spirit,” referred only to “EEO training,” with no reference to the USEEOC. Several readers received replies from USEEOC representatives stating that they doubted the slide in question was from their agency and Linda Li, in thier office here in San Francisco, posted directly to AP/CV saying so. Ultimately Shelly at OSM&S, confirmed that the offensive slide was produced by her university, not USEEOC and got it removed. Thomas, Rachael Maddow has a jocularly titled “Department of Corrections” for when she finds out she made an error on an earlier show. You might consider something like that for American Papist. ~ Pax tecum ~ Greg ~ PS: The actual USEEOC Compliance manual has one scenario withreference to Catholicism. It advises employers that if a Catholic requests a schedule change to attend services on Good Friday, they need to accommodate him or her.

    • Joseph

      So, Rachel Maddow’s show is called “Department of Corrections” then?

      • GREG SMITH

        Dear Joseph: No. It’s called the “Rachael Maddow Show.” She has a feature called Department of Corrections” is a feature on the show. She also has “Debunktion Junction” which fact checks commonly held assumptions about the news of the day, “Moment of Geek” that looks at technology (her trip to the flight deck of an aircraft carrier was great!)”The Best New Thing in the World Today,” with upbeat good news stories and “Cocktail Moment” where she teaches mixology. In one segment she made a drink for her aunt Joan who is a nun because “Nuns deserve good drinks. Check it out! ~ Greg

  • Ben

    This is great. I still wish there had been better information about whether this had come from the EEOC training or not–in the future it’d be nice to have that fact-checking done prior to posting–but I suppose that doesn’t matter now. Thanks, Mr. Peters.

    • Joseph

      I agree Ben. I was a little dismayed when I received an email back from the EEOC saying they had nothing to do with this. It makes me hesitant to take action going forward if I’m not sure the sources are correct. However, good job on getting this overturned with the responsible party. That’s great news.



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