Update: Victory for Marriage in New York!

As Josh mentioned, the special election that I’ve been following closely in New York’s 9th Congressional District (Brooklyn and Queens, NY) to replace disgraced Anthony Wiener took place yesterday and I’m happy to report that pro-life, pro-marriage Catholic candidate Bob Turner defeated pro-abort, pro-gay-marriage David Weprin by an astonishing 8%! For the first time since 1923 a Republican won this seat in deeply Democrat territory.

Before I go any farther, special thanks to everyone who heeded my requests to support Bob Turner in what was considered only weeks ago to be race where he only had a long-shot chance at winning.

Bob Turner, I am told, is a daily communicant, a product of Catholic education, and put all of his children through Catholic schools. He is also pro-life and pro-marriage.

The National Organization for Marriage released a “flash” survey this morning revealing that people in the district who believe in marriage voted for Bob Turner 81%-19% (David Weprin had recently voted for same-sex marriage in the NY Assembly). Moreover, Bob Turner, won 72% of the Catholic vote (and 88% of Orthodox Jews, who also strongly believe in marriage) — more proof that Catholics and other people of faith who prioritize the right to life and the dignity of marriage can swing elections the right way!

This is also a good reminder to us that “social issues” — proLife and proMarriage — are not “wedge” issues that divide Republicans. Instead they are bridge issues that allow socially conservative Democrats to join with Republicans and Independents in electing people who are committed to serving the common good of society (socially conservative Hispanics in the district, for instance, who normally vote Democrat, probably went for Turner as well this go-around).

If you are interested in learning more about this race there is plenty to read on the NOM blog under this tag.

Score one for the good guys in New York this time — and for the rest of us, may this come as a timely reminder that politics is only as good as the people we elect to be in politics. So let’s commit ourselves again to electing good men and women who believe in life and marriage if we want to see our representation improve!



  • Davide

    Thank goodness for this website. The media (including Fox) leaves out that this candidate is pro marriage and pro life. Sean Hannity will spin it, its because of Obama’s low approval rating. Proving to me even conservative news is terrified of H.A.

    • Michael F

      Forgive me for being ignorant, but what does H.A. stand for? (I have no doubt the answer is right in front of me, but I’m not seeing it)

      • Davide

        Homosexual advocacy

        • Michael F

          Thanks. I figured it was something obvious.

    • Michael F

      Wow Davide. 74 dislikes. I would make it 73, but I think it might be a record, and I don’t want to change it. Keep up the (unpopular) good work!

  • Ryan Haber

    Ha ha! Just a week ago I heard some smug chump on NPR chirping on about how unlikely, not to say impossible, it was that a Republican could win that seat. I thought, “Let’s see who’s laughing out the other side of his mouth next week, buster!”

  • Bruce

    It is always nice to see rational behavior and thoughts rewarded, and irrational thoughts (such as homosexual-friendships-as-marriages) removed from the public conscience.

  • Laura Smerkonich

    Obama is just very unpopular. He’s weak and he wont fight for his own base. Instead he insults them. In this case, The Jewish care more about Israel than they do about America, and therefore, you have this win for the Republicans. It’s funny that the newspaper reports that 55% of the people of that district still would like to see Anthony Weiner holding that seat. I really wouldnt say this was entirely voted on because of marriage, but I will say it had something to do with it. It looks like the democrats are going to lose in 2012. Obama just gives it all away and is a weak negotiator for his party. Many democrats will just stay home. Soon enough Repbulicans will be able to take full ownership of this economy and will likely have the house and the Presidency. The poor in our country will become more marginalized and desparaged. The middle class will continue to shrink into irrelevancy. We will become a nation of either wealthy or poor. Welcome to the 3rd world America.

    • TJM

      During the 8 Bush years unemployment averaged 5.25%. Now which president is for the working man and woman?

      Democratic policies have and do create poverty. Only left-wingers don’t recognize that. Republicans want everyone to be successful. If you think government creates jobs and wealth, you’re delusional.



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