Video #2: Social Network Christmas

Last week I posted a video entitled “Digital Nativity Christmas” which has gone on to become a viral smash-hit with over 2 million views on YouTube.

Over the weekend AmP reader Chris alerted me to another video with a similar theme. It’s beautiful and a nice way to start the week before Christmas:



  • Ana Morales

    Buen video. Demuestra el ingenio de las personas que saben utilizar toda esta tecnología de comunicación moderna. Me gustó mucho. Gracias por compartirlo y MUCHAS FELICIDADES!

  • JPG

    Bravo. Thank you. Wishes for a blessed Christmas full of Grace from Berlin – Germany. Jan-Philipp

  • Laura

    Well, when you post on fb that an angel told you your wife is pregnant it does sound kind of crazy…

  • elizabeth

    I really enjoy these videos. :) I know some see them as sacreligious, but I don’t see it that way. I think it kind of puts into perspective that these were real people just like us, who followed God in extraordinary ways. If it happened today, maybe they would be on FB-who knows? Thanks for sharing!



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