AOL Video: Abp. Dolan: “You’ve got Ash Wednesday!” has apparently teamed up with the Archdiocese of New York to get Archbishop Timothy Dolan on tape, with a simple message for Catholics beginning Lent today as well as non-Catholics or fallen-away Catholics who are curious about what it’s all about:

As St. Paul would say, you have to give people milk before they are ready for solid food.



10 thoughts on “AOL Video: Abp. Dolan: “You’ve got Ash Wednesday!”

  1. mydogoreo says:

    Amazing how our Archbishop manages to give his thoughts on the meaning of Lent without once mentioning Jesus Christ.

  2. Andrew Citsay says:

    Amazing! Cuomo ate him for lunch yesterday and he”s still smiling..don’t mean to sound disrespectiful but I’m a product of the 50’s when giants like Bishop Sheen taught the Faith on prime time TV and Dolans predecessor at that time Cardinal Spellman had the respect of New York’s politicans at all levels precisely because he never minced his words..if he saw sin he called it sin! Next up for the happy Prince..St. Patty’s Day !!

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