AOL Video: Abp. Dolan: “You’ve got Ash Wednesday!” has apparently teamed up with the Archdiocese of New York to get Archbishop Timothy Dolan on tape, with a simple message for Catholics beginning Lent today as well as non-Catholics or fallen-away Catholics who are curious about what it’s all about:

As St. Paul would say, you have to give people milk before they are ready for solid food.



  • jcd

    And from World Youth Day, here is a
    New Lent Calendar and a video from the Archbishop of Sidney, Cardinal George Pell:

  • Mike

    I’m sorry, but with all due respect to the Archbishop, this was a shallow, happy clappy meaningless explination of the season of Lent. I also have to agree with MarB, he made Catholicism sound like just one more, of many relgions.

  • k@mil

    awesome video
    I like it

    thanks for sharing

  • MarB

    So, right of the bat Dolan has to compare us to the Jews and the Muslims. No surprise there. Very politically correct of him. Why can’t he use Catholic terminology? It would’ve been helpful if the Archbishop could actually explain why those “high holy days” of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter are of unsurpassed importance. I see this video as another self-serving way of getting himself in the media; there was no substance there. Please note that he was in Albany yesterday where he publicly refused to defend Canon 915 (despite ample opportunity to do so when reporters questioned him on this). The video is a slick trick.

    • Laura

      I’m guessing aol wasn’t going to give him an hour to explain in great detail catholic doctrine, this is clearly just a really quick explanation, you can’t blame him for not getting into details

      • MarB

        Would using the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be a mere detail?

  • Jan

    Praise be the Merciful Heart of Jesus. +Dolan’s great message is applicable for one and all – never gets old – instructive, compelling yet humble, and bridges divides with understanding, peace and commonality – simple Truth strikes again. Jesus I trust in You

  • Michelle

    Well, they picked the right guy indeed! I was pleasantly surprised to see his face the first thing I signed in to check my email. It was a delight indeed.
    PS: I hope your lent is spiritually enriching Papist!!



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