Video: Abp of Belgium has pies smashed in his face for pro-life, pro-marriage views

UPDATE (April 14th):

The spokesman for Archbishop Leonard says he won’t be intimidated or silenced by such attacks, “Even if it were sure that the attacks were inspired by the views of the Archbishop about homosexuality, the Archbishop does not consider changing his views.” (CNA)


The gay blogs are gleefully circulating around this story and video:

A renowned Belgian prankster posted footage Wednesday showing the leader of Belgium’s Roman Catholic Church Andre-Joseph Leonard being hit four times by custard pies.

Footage obtained by AFP shows a stunned Leonard’s face and black winter coat covered in a white foam-like product.

It is the second time the archbishop has been targeted.

One of those who ran up and slapped a custard pie in Leonard’s face told Belgian media that “for all those homosexuals who daren’t tell their parents they are gay, for all those young girls who want to have an abortion, he absolutely deserved it.” (AFP)

Here is the video – it is not at all pleasant to watch:

Notice the applause from the audience when the second attack happens.



  • David

    It must have been difficult for Archbishop Mgr. Leonard to keep his cool. I have to say I respect him for it. He really executed turning the other cheek in these incidents when what came to my thoughts was how I would have punched those men in their faces. Homosexuals are disgusting in their childish antagonism. I mean they are really nasty in a puerile sort of way. I think the one thing that we can do here in the States is to reevaluate how we perceive the superficial and the seemingly innocuous attitudes and behaviors of homosexuals and heterosexuals alike when in fact as we should suspect there is really a passive aggressive reservoir of anger inside these type of people. If you remember, serial killer Ted Bundy always wore a smile.

  • Jason

    Striking a Bishop incurs a latae sententiae excommunication.

  • Leonard

    So doesn’t this country have laws against “assault” and “hate” speech. What we have witnessed is criminal assault and hate speech in actions or symbolism. The action is also sacrilege. As a former police officer had I been present I would not have hesitated to make a forcible citizen’s arrest to bring these sinful and criminal deviants to justice. God have mercy on all of us weak and stupid Catholics for not having the common ense and decency to protect our priest our Faith and our Church, the Bride of Christ!

  • Scott

    Christ was also humiliated while on His way to the Cross.

    This is our time of trial, friends. We must be like Christ and continue to walk to Golgotha.

  • Linus

    So you don’t believe Satan exists. He seems pretty active in Belgium.

  • steve

    Father. Forgive them. For they know not what they do!



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