Video: Adoration U.

An exciting initiative from the Cardinal Newman Society, promoting Eucharistic Adoration at college campuses:

Find out more here!



  • AlexR

    Okay, sure the acting is cheesy and the scenarios are beyond cliched…but major props to the CNS for encouraging Adoration on campus. My undergrad uni had an hour of adoration before every lunchtime mass. It was a time of great spiritual growth, and was one of the spiritual stepping stones that encouraged me to be received in full communion with Rome a few months ago. Get students infront of the Blessed Sacrament, I tell ya!

  • Laura

    I like it :) College can be very hard and you need God on your side to pick you up

  • Chris

    Father z’s voice?

  • Chris

    Is that @Father Z on the voiceover? Sounds like it.

  • irishtroubadour

    Yea, it was kind of lame, bad acting, and not up to date with today’s technology. If you want to send a message, I think you need to crank up the visuals a little more. Even the message seemed like nail’s scratching on the black board. Definatly better one’s out there.



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