Video: Andrew Sullivan claims Jesus was “incredibly hostile” to family

As you know, I attended the “Catholic Family Conversation” hosted by the catholyc group “Catholics For Equality” at Georgetown University last week, on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception.

After promising that the event would be streamed live on the internet, they later said video would be uploaded as soon as the event concluded. Now, almost a week later, there is still no video to be found on their website.

That’s a shame, because I think some of the things that were said during the course of the evening deserve a wider audience. Does someone not want more people to see what happened? Did Andrew Sullivan get cold feet?

I have access to some personal video of the event, and have posted just a short clip so everyone can get a sense of what we are missing. This is Sullivan responding to my question. I forget how I precisely formulated it, but it went something like this:

“Why is it that Christ, who came to wipe away many artificial human divisions, never attempted to reformulate gender and the family the way gay activists are now trying to do? If, as you say, the oppression of homosexuals is the greatest threat to the Church, why didn’t Jesus, in his divine knowledge, anticipate and inoculate against this embarrassment, instead allowing the earliest apostles – notably Paul – to condemn homosexual acts as being the sort of act that separates us from His love?”

Here’s how Sullivan responded:

As you can see, in this “Catholic Family Conversation,” Sullivan’s message to the Catholic audience at Georgetown was, and I quote:

“[Jesus] was clearly unconcerned about the family. In fact he was terribly hostile to the family. He abandoned his own family. He asked every disciple to dump their wife and children… He himself never married.”

Some “Catholic Family Conversation.”

What is especially unfortunate about Sullivan’s response above is it reveals that, when faced with the possibility that his values may be out of step with the teachings of Christ, instead of striving for personal conversion, Sullivan attempts instead to convert the teachings of Christ into something he finds more palatable. The above is just one example of how this project plays out. Sullivan uses a similar approach to “answer” many other questions he is posed by the audience and by the panel throughout the night.

Now wouldn’t you like to see the rest of the debate?

So much for an open conversation.



  • dh233

    Dear Thomas
    If the term “catholyc” is to upsetting for some of your readers why not think about using something Our Lord would have chosen to categorize people as…How about BROOD of VIPERS.
    P.S. Thank you for defending our faith!There should have been loud booing and least someone said it was crap!

    Adam Fischer
    ,,,”Unfortunately when you keep tossing this catholyc term all over the place you end up doing exactly what Mr Sullivan correctly points out as one of the things we can learn from Christ (“It was a message against categorizing people”).

  • John J Jakubczyk

    The condescending tone speaks to the absurdity of his remarks. Our Lord spent most of his life with his family and moreover working to take care of His mother. For all we know He worked diligently in order that she have her needs met while he was doing His Father’s will. His concern for His mother was manifest while hanging from the cross as noted above by Tess. His concern over the little ones not being scandalized was apparent. His healing of various children from sickness and death begs the question of his concern about the family. Note however, that he never answers Tom’s real question. He cannot address Paul’s direct admonition in Romans. And as we all know, it is not as if the aberrant behavior did not exist. I think Christ himself mentioned that it would not go well for those who engaged in such vile behavior.

    But the real tragedy is that these folks live in their own world, are clueless or even worse, evil, and are giving scandal to others putting people in peril of the loss of God’s eternal plan for their salvation



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