Video: Another Pro-Life Flash Mob in CA Greets Planned Parenthood Rally

These pro-life flash mobs are really catching on. Here’s one that appeared out of nowhere to greet a Planned Parenthood lobby day in Sacramento (Ph/t – Bryan Kemper):

Just look at their energy!

I’d like to see this become a nationwide phenomenon. Before this, I was only aware of pro-life flash mobs taking place in Chicago. But what you need to do one of these is pretty easy: 1) yellow balloons 2) some fun chants 3) enthusiasm and 4) a leader.

So, who is going to step up next?



11 thoughts on “Video: Another Pro-Life Flash Mob in CA Greets Planned Parenthood Rally

  1. Jorge Preble says:

    looks like its the same people from Chicago. You can tell by the Cannon Regular of St. John Cantius in his cassock

  2. Therese says:

    Great video!

    The ‘bouncing priest’ is Brother Chad McCoy, a brother, not a priest – but he does have a seemingly unlimited supply of energy! He’s one of those who organized the first pro-life flash mobs in Chicago.

    Apparently some pro-life people in Sacramento asked him to help with their event, so it seems that the phenomenon is starting to go national.

    We’re happy about that!

  3. Laura P says:

    Awesome!!!! I hope to see these all across the country! Love the bouncing priest!

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