Must-See Video: Bishop Olmsted on where he gets his identity

My favorite part by far of Bishop Thomas Olmsted’s press conference was his answer to this question (I’m paraphrasing):

“You’ve been called a lot of names, and received a lot of praise, from both sides of the blogosphere – how do you deal with that?”

His response is, well, see for yourself:

In other words, Bishop Olmsted is neither liberal nor conservative, neither progressive nor orthodox … he’s just faithful. God bless him for it.

Those wanting to hear more of Bishop Olmsted should listen to the radio interview he granted (along with the diocesan canonist) to Immaculate Heart Radio.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Medical Association (which is faithful to the US Bishops) has released a statement on Bishop Olmsted’s action regarding St. Joseph’s Hospital.

And Kathryn Lopez has lent her voice in support of the bishop.

Finally, is a great resource for keeping up with this story.

UPDATE – two more links: Phil Lawler points out the connections between Catholic Healthcare West (which administers St. Joseph’s) and the Catholic Health Association, which has made a conspicuous habit of defying the US Bishops lately.

Second, my father canon lawyer Ed Peters is working to clarify the canonical status of Sr. Margaret McBride, who was responsible for approving the abortion which took place at St. Joseph’s.



  • Richardson

    Why the concern about being orthodox? Certainly he should be praised for being orthodox. It’s not a political term.

  • John Bartimeus spma

    The Bishop is an excellent example of what the Psalmist says:

    The Lord is my strength and my praise!

  • Quanah

    God bless Bishop Olmsted; his answer was perfect.

    Thomas, a small, but important point: You said that Bishop Olmsted is neither liberal nor conservative (I entirely agree), neither progressive or orthodox; he is just faithful. Orthodox and faithful are synonymous. Any Catholic who holds to the teachings of the Church regardless of their liturgical, spiritual, devotional, political expression (within reason) is orthodox. I know this comment is going to require clarification, but for now I’ll leave it at this.



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