Video: Catholic Eucharistic Flash Mob in the UK

Already missing the Feast of Corpus Christi? Feast your eyes on this!



  • nfp4life

    @ steph and Sem- I agree totally. What do you think of this Eucharistic flash mob?

    • steph

      Yes, see this is beautiful. There was obviously true Exposition and then they began the Eucharistic procession with all reverence. I agree totally with what Sem said, that your actions need to reflet your words. If you’re proclaiming our Lord present in the Eucharist, it is contrary to carry him around in a bag. Our Lord should only be kept in the Tabernacle and if exposed then for Mass, or Adoration, or to carry Him on person to bring him for a Communion call. This would be the proper way to do a Eucharistic flash mob, to do it in the form of a Eucharistic procession with all due reverence and true Exposition and Benediction. Let’s be hoenst, our Lord deserves nothing less and it is our joy to do that for Him :)

  • Sem

    Probably well intentioned, but there is a proper way to carry and transport the Blessed Sacrament. Not in a sports bag! The actions don’t reflect a proper reverence due to God. I believe that things like this could do more damage than good. Is anyone going to take what you say seriously when you proclaim that “This is Jesus Christ” and then walk off with the Eucharist swinging at your side as if nothing has happened. Eucharistic Adoration has specific rubrics and should not be subjected to flash mob guidelines. I will pray this does not happen again but rather that people are invited into a Church to participate in Adoration.

  • jcd

    Papal Corpus Christi:Procession:
    Also,The Holy Father has sent his first “tweet”!

  • Dominic
  • Nfp4life

    I love it, but what is the best way to transport Jesus when outside? Shouldn’t the priest have taken out the Luna and carried Jesus close to his body?

    • Steph

      To be honest I was thinking the same thing! I see the beauty in what they were doing and what they were trying to do. The whole purpose I support and understand. But to be honest, this sat funny with me. It really seemed inappropriate that they had our Lord in the bag… I love these friars / priests and the purpose. But it seemed a little irreverent how they brought our Lord out.

  • Vernacular Catholic

    This is great! I wonder how many of them knew about it and how many just happened to walk by and joined in.



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