Video: CatholicVote helps Abby Johnson expose Planned Parenthood

This afternoon our president Brian Burch notified our members (you get these emails, right?) that CatholicVote will once again be aiding the pro-life coalition efforts behind

Abby Johnson is the former Planned Parenthood director from Texas who made national headlines when she experienced a pro-life conversion (if you haven’t read her book UnPlanned you should) and is now one of the highly-visible people behind the effort to strip Planned Parenthood of its controversial federal funding.

By the way, any CV subscriber who contributes $50 or more toward this new television ad will receive a copy of Abby’s book UnPlanned from Ignatius Press! So that’s a great way to learn more about and be inspired by Abby’s story while also helping her mission.

Watch Abby’s new ad which will be airing in important media markets thanks to your support:

A couple weeks ago CatholicVote recorded and produced a video of a Chicago Planned Parenthood rally for ExposedPlannedParenthood which has been viewed over 50,000 times:



  • Michelle

    Made my donation. Can’t wait to get the book, and to be able to say that I helped de-fund planned parenthood!



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