Video: Pro-Life Chile, one of the safest places to have a baby, sponsors national pro-life ads

Talk about a shock to American sensibilities: the government of Chile has launched a national ad campaign to support being pro-life, pro-woman and pro-family!

But it gets better, much better. Abortion is illegal in Chile without exception. 67% of Chileans identify as pro-life. Chile also has the lowest maternal mortality rate in Latin America.

Let that last point sink in. We’ve all heard the arguments by pro-aborts: if we pass pro-life laws, women will die! But the fact is this is just not the case. Pro-life laws inspire doctors and health workers to pursue the very best life-saving treatment for women facing problematic pregnancies.

Consider Ireland – which is proudly pro-life, in its culture and in its laws. It is also the safest place in the world for a woman to have a baby. That according to the “Report on Maternal Mortality by World Health Organisation, UNICEF, UNFPA and the World Bank, 2007.”

We live in a post legalized abortion culture. We’ve been absorbing the lies told by the Culture of Death for so long it’s hard for us to accept hard truths about how safe it is – under proper medical conditions – for women to have children. Tragedies do still happen from time to time, but the answer to those tragedies is to work to save both the mother and the child, not to automatically settle for killing the innocent baby.

Ireland, Poland and Chile are real-life examples of what a pro-life country looks like. We need to have the courage of our convictions in convincing others to embrace a culture of life. Please help me to get this hopeful information out. The rest of the world outside of Ireland, Poland and Chile needs to hear about this – starting with our neighbors in America.

Ph/t: Jill Stanek



  • Mr Flapatap

    I guess I am not the first one. Looking at the graphics I began to have cravings for a Bombay Blue Sapphire martini.

  • JonathanR.

    Once the influence of the Church collapses completely in Ireland, as we are beginning to see nowadays, Ireland will gladly be as pro-abortion as her former conquerors, the British.

    Besides, if they cannot even resist the EU, what hope for their traditional values once un-moored from the only institution willing to defend them?

    Hope in the Irish is misplaced. The Polish may be on the same road. It may be better to bank on the Chileans.


    Beautiful videos

  • Davide

    Can someone please post the link to this video? I can not find on you tube. I would like to post it on my own blog. Grazie



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