Video: French Red Bull cartoon offensive?

I received an email from a reader in France pointing me to a website named “Christianophobia” which claims a Red Bull commercial aired in that country during the first days of January is offensive to Christians. See for yourself:

Personally, I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s one thing to use a commercial to mock religion and sacred Catholic symbols and realities (as the Doritos/Pepsi commercial did). It’s another thing to simply use biblical stories to push your product. While this may be in poor taste (it probably is) I think there is a danger in us becoming too knee-jerk in the way we react to any depiction of religious imagery used commercially.

You can read the French website translated into English by Google here. It includes a translation of what the ad says (for those of us whose French skills are a bit rusty) and a way to contact Red Bull if you do take offense at the ad.

What do you think? Yea or Nay?



  • RooForLife

    What about this Red Bull – Confession Commercial just seen it on tv~

  • Shane

    Well now after having seen this just the other day, I just saw a Red Bull ad which actually *is* somewhat offensive.

    it shows a boy (presumably a teen) going into confession and saying he’s been with a “loose woman,” after which the priest first peeks around the curtain to identify the penitent and then proceeds to ask who the woman was, naming off a list of candidates. When the boy won’t say who it was, the priest assigns a very strict penance to punish him, suggesting that he’d have given a lighter penance in exchange for calling out the woman. We then see the boy outside talking to his friend and it becomes apparent that he’s just gone into confession to get the priest’s list of promiscuous women so as to pursue one.

  • Père Guillaume

    Lame but not offensive.



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