Video: How to Debate Gay Marriage on MSNBC

It’s possible to stand up for your marriage views and for the rights of pro-marriage Americans, even on MSNBC, as I think my appearance this weekend demonstrated.

My delivery wasn’t perfect, of course, but with a little humor and persistence it is possible to fairly present your views even on a tough topic and in a hostile environment:

What do you think?

Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 1.27.52 PM


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  • Alice

    Well done Thomas. I will pray a Rosary for you. God Bless

  • JohnE

    Before the newscaster referred to some other comment you made about network news, I was just thinking that this format is very inadequate for carrying on a debate. Points are brought up without enough time to address or respond to them, they’re interrupted before they can be explained more thoroughly, etc. It really works to the advantage of those who have the best slogans. Their side’s slogan is one word, “equality” and the logic is essentially that since the definition of marriage has in a sense already been socially redefined to be an institution that is concerned about the happiness of adults, and not the well-being of children or society as it SHOULD be, then it’s discriminatory not to allow gays and lesbians to get married.

    Our side holds up the ideal about what marriage should be, their side holds up the painful reality of what marriage has too often become in reality — an institution that is at the service of adults’ happiness.

    Gay marriage serves no public purpose other than the evil public purpose of legitimizing homosexual sex. Traditional marriage is the only hope for serving the common good, but their side has locked the debate down to an issue of arbitrary treatment of adults.

    You did well though Thomas for what you had to work with.

  • mitch

    Power to you man. No way I would have had the patience for the treatment they gave you. You are always in my prayers. Keep up the good work.

  • Joe M

    Well done Mr. Peters. I think that you articulated some great points while the other side seemed limited to posturing and hyperbole.

  • Chris

    Another fantastic job done by Thomas Peters representing us on a ridiculously biased news outlet! Great job!

    • JackB

      Chris, I am amazed that you call MSNBC “rediculously biased”. You present a dillema for me when you ignore FOX News… unfair and unbalanced. I stopped watching MSNBC and I am about to jettison O’Reilly, Hannity and Van Sustern and most of all their extreme right replacements, Beck, Ingam, and the like. There is no safe ground in raw politics.



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