Video: How to Debate Gay Marriage on MSNBC

It’s possible to stand up for your marriage views and for the rights of pro-marriage Americans, even on MSNBC, as I think my appearance this weekend demonstrated.

My delivery wasn’t perfect, of course, but with a little humor and persistence it is possible to fairly present your views even on a tough topic and in a hostile environment:

What do you think?

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13 thoughts on “Video: How to Debate Gay Marriage on MSNBC

  1. Very well done, Thomas! Please keep posting these videos when they air. Always refreshing to see a bit of balance on cable TV – especially when the Catholic position is shared so respectfully and intelligently. Bravo!

  2. Barry Fues says:


    I saw this a few days ago. I thought your part of the debate was as good as the moderator would allow it. I think he allowed the two women to be rude and they sneered and laughed at your arguments, which I don’t think helps their case. I also noted that they were allowed to interrupt you on a few occasions which was unfortunate as I noted you tried very hard not to do that. Unfortunately, you are in a den of wolves on MSNBC…right down to the jab he made at you at the end. Good for you for being willing to go on that station! That is not something I would do.

  3. Antonio A. Badilla says:

    I heard and saw the video and I don’t know how you did it Mr. Peters. I would have lost it as soon as the two ladies started laughing. I found that extremely irritating and I wish the man who conducted the discussion would have said to the ladies that were laughing[ that was not a sign of respect in a serious debate or conversation. Of course, things could have been worsed if Chris Matthews had done the interview.

  4. A Catholic parent says:

    Thank you, Mr. Peters, for presenting the case against gay marriage so beautifully.

  5. Mary S. says:

    Thomas Peters was his name? He did a fantastic job! I think the LGTB activists were more towards the side of immature. They shook their heads and laughed while Peters spoke. They also were the first to interrupt anyone. We won’t get anywhere unless we are all reasonable, knowledgeable, and listen before we speak. Thomas Peters showed how Catholics have taken this initiative before those in favor of same-sex marriage have. I love his explanation of why the courts should uphold marriage and how we do not hate gays and lesbian, we just believe in the institution.

  6. monica pope says:

    At minute 7:15, when Thomas Peters articulates the union of one man and one woman as procreative, the LGBT activist guest laughed right out loud.

    What a dismal commentary on the rights of children to be conceived by a mother and father, and raised by them in the stable, protective environment of family.

    1. Len says:

      It’s not a human right to be raised by our natural parents. It’s not a human right to be raised by a male and a female. It’s not a human right to be raised in a stable environment.

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