Video: Joy Behar says Pro-Lifers are “Evil and Immoral and Unethical and Stupid”

Pot, meet kettle:

And I thought this video from The View last week was obnoxious!



  • christine

    Thanks Joy, You’re not unpopular enough as it is, now you have insulted about seventy-five percent of Americans because they don’t want their hard earned money going to the largest abortion company in the world. It seems we are witnessing the beginning of the demise of the death peddlers. The tide is turning praise God! The empty slogans and the lies are so old and tired and people know it.

  • Michelle

    What is most aggravating about this (well, there are many aggravating things about this …) is that they make it sound as if PP will go broke if government funds are stopped from reaching them. PP makes plenty of their own money doing what they do. They DO NOT need government monies to function. They can go cry a river to their dear friend Soros for money if they so desperately need it. But no, they insist and want their hands in our back pockets. And we should adamantly refuse to give them access to our tax dollars! If the government votes in favor of continue funding PP after it has been proven that PP is involved in criminal activities, then this government will be condoning criminal behavior as well, and it shall be the end of this great country where “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are no longer.

  • TJM

    Isn’t loudmouth, moron Joyce Behar another fake Catholic? Why pay any attention to her?



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