Video: Me on EWTN Talking About NY SSM, Gov. Cuomo, & The News This Week

My EWTN appearance last night on Raymond Arroyo’s The World Over where we discussed same-sex marriage in New York, and lots of other Catholic news from this week:



  • David Zarri

    Hello Thomas,

    Thank you for the interview on “The World Over” and all your good work.

    Catholics should be outraged by what “Catholic” legislators did in New York, and what they do in so many areas! We should make that outrage known – to fellow Catholics (especially those legislators!); to other Christians and to our society in general. As you suggest, we should also make it well-known at the ballot box!

    Another way we should make it known (taking the advice of Archbishop Fulton Sheen)is to our bishops! We must urge them to act! The seriousness of this situation, as with abortion, is crystal clear. The failure of our bishops to act has had grave consequences! Some of you may be familiar with Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the notorious New York abortionist and his story. He stated his belief that if our bishops had spoken up in unison at the time, “Roe vs. Wade” never would have happened!

    We must also help others (especially Catholics!) to understand excommunication. It truly is “the ultimate wake-up call”! Was Gov, Cuomo told, in no uncertain terms, that the result of his signing this legislation would be his swift excommunication? Were Catholic legislators told that their vote would result in the same penalty? They should have been informed beforehand. (We should pursue a clarification from the Church if the excommunication is automatic, as with abortion.) Unless there is public repentance, this must be carried out immediately! The U.S. Bishops must also speak with a united voice, letting all legislators and government leaders know of this most serious consequence, when their actions threaten all society, and the Church!

    Are we ready to act?!

    Most Sincerely In Christ,

    David Zarri

  • virginia siroka



  • Lucy

    Thomas, you state on EWTN that a child deserves a mother and a father. I wasn’t aware that this right existed. Can you quote scripture from the New Testament that states that this is a right? And if a child losses a mother or father due to death or divorce, does the child then have the right to have the missing parent replaced? Thank-you.

    • Scott W.

      Lucy, you state that Thomas states that every child deserves a mother and father and then state something about rights. Which did Thomas say? Deserve or right? I doubt anyone disputes that every child deserves a mother and a father, but that is not always possible of course. As far as asking for New Testament quote, I’d say I’ve never encountered the NT saying anything is a right in the sense that we use it today. Yet, surely you believe in certain rights even if they are not found explcit in the pages of Scripture, correct? Also, asking for Scripture presupposes Sola Scriptura, which isn’t a Catholic belief, so it’s a non-starter here. Respectfully, I think zeroing in on the use or non-use of rights in this context is chipping away at the perimeter and not engaging the overall soundness of the case against same-sex “marriage”.

      • Lucy

        Thanks for responding Scott. When someone says to me “I deserve” it implies to me that they believe they have a right to it. Additionally, what was meant by “deserve,” to me, is the core of the case here. It’s the basis for the rest of the case.

    • Bruce

      You state that homosexuals have a right to “marry” one another. I wasn’t aware that this right existed. Can you quite Scripture from the New Testament that states that this is a right? Thank-you.

    • visionsbydean

      A child just needs to be loved, be it by one woman, one man, a man and a woman, a woman and a woman or a man and a man. Love doesn’t look at gender.

  • Kathleen Hagen

    CANON 915, 1717. RAYMOND CARDINAL BURKE SAYS REFUSE HOLY COMMUNION TO ANY POLITICIAN WHOM IS PRO ABORTION OR WEARS RAINBOW SASH OR FLAG when They Aproach for The Holy Eucharist!! When Cardinal Burke was Our Archbishop in St. Louis (2003-2008) he Instructed All Priests and Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers (I was one) not to give Our Lord to these Politicians when they present themselves for Holy Communion! Cardinal Burke States 40 years of “Conscience Clause” by Politicians has Failed and our refusal to cause Scandal to our Lord is Catholic Church Law and Must be followed by ALL Bishops. Burke States Bishops do not have a Choice! His stand on refusal of Communion to pro-abort politicians or public figures is based on “the God-centered thinking which has marked the discipline of the church” – namely, that a person who persists publicly in grave sin is to be denied Holy Communion. Notably, he has upheld and defended Cardinal Ratzinger’s (POPE BENEDICT) instruction that persistently pro-abortion politicians or public figures must not be admitted to communion until they publicly repent. RAYMOND CARDINAL BURKE is the current Cardinal Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura.

  • Alecto

    I would have added that it isn’t simply an issue of defeating the legislators who voted for gay marriage: it is as much about identifying the men whose millions bribed to those legislators to support this travesty. Thanks to the Wall Street Journal, we have their names: Mssrs. Asness, Loeb and Singer. They need to be publicly called out in shame. They’re as culpable as the individuals who cast the votes and they’re actually worse because they hold themselves out as believing in republican virtues.

    On the subject of excommunication or refusal of communion: if a woman procures an abortion, she is de facto excommunicated from the Catholic church. Cuomo’s actions are public, they involve grave matter and they are ongoing. He does damage not only to himself, but to other Catholics by his example. I’m not in any way condoning or minimizing the seriousness of abortion, but I am asserting as a woman it’s difficult NOT see a double standard in the treatment afforded men if bishops do nothing about Cuomo.

  • Larry


    Facebook was co-founded by a homosexual who was in the New York Times today talking about his marriage plans. Apple is currently being headed by an out homosexual. How do you reconcile this with your embrace of both companies? Are you embracing the tools of the damned in order to keep them in their place?

    • Scott W.

      You raise a valid point Larry. I think the answer is that we ought to avoid as much material cooperation with evil as is reasonably possible. The alternative to Apple is Microsoft, and Bill Gates isn’t exactly much of an alternative. It seems in modern internet communication, it is impossible to use it without some indirect cooperation with a moral thug.

      • Larry

        But this speaks to a larger challenge for religious conservatives: we create no popular culture that speak our version of the truth, we have no technological breakthroughs that our side can use, etc. It seems all we do is chide and moralize, while the “other side” entertains, informs, thrills, etc., etc…depressing.

    • Bruce

      City of God vs. City of Man. We are citizens of both, and can’t avoid the garbage of the latter. We are not Amish, but we’re also not secular humanists either. We work to make it better, knowing that it will never be perfect.



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