Video: Me on EWTN Talking About NY SSM, Gov. Cuomo, & The News This Week

My EWTN appearance last night on Raymond Arroyo’s The World Over where we discussed same-sex marriage in New York, and lots of other Catholic news from this week:



38 thoughts on “Video: Me on EWTN Talking About NY SSM, Gov. Cuomo, & The News This Week

  1. visionsbydean says:

    Marriage is a right everyone should share! It’s time we moved forward.

  2. Warren says:

    As I read the various posts on the current topic, I see what appears to be an inordinate number of “Dislikes” attached to certain posts. When I clicked on the posts which had been hidden because of the number of dislikes – posts, btw, which largely offer support for Mr. Peters and the Church’s position, e.g., those similar to the ones posted by Sal and Bruce – I am inclined to think that the enemies of the Church are very threatened by what’s being said here in this blog and are resorting to cheap attempts at censorship in order to suppress support for Church teaching.

    It would appear, Mr. Peters, that you have attracted the attention of an individual or handful of click-happy rainbow flag waving pranksters who likely feel their harassment is somehow acceptable among adults.

  3. Kevin says:

    Has no one here bothered to at least wonder why the bishops of other countries have not denied communion/excommunicated a single Catholic politician for voting for marriage equality? It is Catholic countries who are in the lead in changing marriage laws (gay marriage or civil unions), yet, as far as I know, not in a single bishop in a single place has excommunicated anyone. Interesting.

    1. Bruce says:

      “Catholic” countries? I wasn’t aware that Catholic monarchies still existed. Where?

      1. Kevin says:

        I mean the same countries that His Holiness is especially concerned about because they, in this view, are the bedrock of Catholicism. Countries like Spain which has marriage equality…

        But more to the point, you do not address my central curiosity about why no bishop anywhere has excommunicated any Catholic politician?

  4. MichaelL says:

    Thomas, take a look at a long article I just published about Bishop Clark of Rochester, NY. He has a long history of supporting the homosexual agenda within the Church. What are we supposed to do about those within the Church in positions of leadership that are lending their support to “homosexual marriage”? (

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