Video: New DNC Head Picked by Obama Arguing Theology With (Catholic) Paul Ryan During Obamacare Debate

This week President Obama appointed vehemently pro-abortion (and pro gay marriage) Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL) to be the new head of the Democrat Party.

Back in 2010 during the debate over Obamacare, Rep. Debbie (not a Catholic) attempted to tell Rep Paul Ryan (Republican, and a Catholic) how the Catholic Church works:

Later, talking about the abortion “compromise”, Rep. Debbie admitted “an executive order can’t change the law.” So it looks like she does actually understand how Obamacare creates new funding streams for abortions, even as she clearly doesn’t understand the Catholic Church.

But on all other counts, she fits what Obama and the Democrat Party are looking for: pro-abortion, pro gay marriage, and -oh yes- happy to confuse people about the Church’s position.

Looks like the President isn’t taking his party in a new direction any time soon.

Ph/t: The Courtier’s Tweet



  • Jacob

    Get off the cross we need to wood.

  • Cindy

    Yes Paul Ryan (a Catholic) who we could say has no calluses on his hands, but he has them on his heart. Paul Ryan who wants to do away with medicare. So where is the cry, the outrage about the ‘real’ death panels going on? The real Doctor Kervorkian end of life care that he is proposing? How dare Debbie try and lecture the great Paul Ryan on what it means to be a Catholic. When all of his cuts that he proposes come on the backs of the poor and vulnerable in our society. Here we have the Republicans who concluded Bush tax cuts would reduce the deficit and create millions of new jobs – instead they exploded the deficit and unemployment worsened, eventually skyrocketing. We will see where this unfounded belief in the impossible takes us. Once the tea party shutdown happens, we will see what the American Public really thinks about it. Game on.
    Of course I knew you wouldnt post this you hypocrite. That’s right, I specifically think you of all people are.

    • Tom Crowe

      You are a funny one, Cindy. So dramatic. So willing to demagogue. So willing to sensationalize. And so wrong. Just like Debbie.

      • Simply Said

        Yes Tom, and Cindy is so well trained in her blindness. Make us wonder if she is a member of Does she remember who controlled the purse strings(Congrees) for most of Bush’s last four years? Bush made his mistakes, but where in the world are the calluses on Obama’s hands. He is the least worked man that has ever respresented our country as the president. All he has ever been is a community organizer. And then, people would really like to see any accomplishments or for that fact “work” done in that area. Oh yes, he was a Senator. Oh, except he was never there to vote and when he was and actually voted, he voted against funding his votes, (ex: the military action). Calluses, what calluses? Obama is PRO-ABORTION, anti-life, and if Cindy is blinded by her admiration for him, she’ll have to answer to why her love of God’s children was not greater. PEACE OUT DUDE!!

      • Simply Said

        One more comment Tom. If Cindy and Debbie believe that Obama is clear of calluses on his heart after all the support he has given to PRO-ABORTION (including infanticde), then they are truly blind to God and we should pray for His mercy.

    • Justin

      I don’t know whether to laugh at your ridiculous liberal blustering and guilt-tripping, or be sad at it.

  • Scott123

    The modernist sisters did a good job. Gave every pro abortion politician the ability to contradict the clear views of the church by appealing to the word of apparent church representatives.

    The results of the bishops lack of effort to maintain discipline in the Church lo these past 45 years are beginning to manifest themselves everywhere.

    Nuns contradicting the Church on public policy, priests breaking their promise of celibacy, abuse of minors, embezzlement of monies. Not to mention the failure to transmit the faith to the next generations, apostacy of the universities and general liturgical chaos.

    Awesome witness to Christ Bishops! Thanks~

  • David Wendell

    Paul Ryan for President !!

  • Davide

    Mr. Peter’s I would like to share with you an article I wrote today for my blog….it is titled “A Sibling Argument against Abortion”. :

    As most of you know I come from a large family. There is a total of eleven of us kids…including Dario (my twin who drowned at 14 in Italy). I believe the best argument against abortion is the one made by siblings. I also whole heartily believe abortion is a mortal sin committed against humanity, specifically against the aborted baby and against siblings. Siblings are the silent victims of the evilness of abortion.

    A mother decides that her born and living children will not have a brother or sister. To me a mother has no right to decide such matters. This is why abortion can never be justified. Of course some mothers do adopt their children out to other families. But this is not a crime against siblings. A mother might decide to adopt her child for a number of reasons. But the mother who kills her own offspring either born or unborn is always killing and under no circumstances can it ever be condoned. Killing is killing. Abortion in all circumstances kills a living human being…even if the child is only a few thousand “cells’.

    Human beings have intrinsic human value. We should NEVER discriminate against the human in the womb or outside the womb. The mother should never be a butcher and her womb a graveyard. Abortion is always evil and wicked…there is no way around this Truth.

    Some will say its okay to discriminate against the unborn child because of size. This is foolishness that is like saying we should discriminate President Obama because Shaquille O’Neil is bigger than Obama, therefore Obama is less than human. An embryo or fetus is no less human than you or I.

    Some argue because of development. This to is silliness. Is not a toddler less ‘developed’ than a teenager? An embryo is at the early stages of human development. We don’t need science to tell us the obvious.

    Some will say its environmental. Let me ask you this…is a SCUBA diver less human? The diver is not less human because he is in a non-supportive environment…this is why he wears SCUBA…but doesn’t make him less than human.

    Finally dependency…some say its because the fetus or embryo is dependent on its mother, therefore it is not human. This is the most offensive of all arguments for pro-abortion. Why? Because of Benji. My brother is totally dependent on his mother and father. Does this make my beautiful baby brother less than human? Of course not!

    Unfortunately most mothers who abort their kids are uneducated, black and poor. Organizations such as Planned Parenthood know this is so. They purposely place their abortion mills to eradicate the “uneducated” “blacks” and the “poor”.

    Now let me ask you this: Should I throw Teenese, Faraji and Enu away? After all when we adopted these wonderful children they were “uneducated’, ‘black’ and ‘poor’.

    The irony of these kids lives is they had a better chance to ‘life’ in a country torn by high poverty, crime, civil war (Liberia, Africa) than if they were conceived in New York City. 60 percent of black children conceived in NYC are aborted. Say what you must about Liberia but abortion is illegal. If these kids were conceived in NYC chances are we would only be able to adopt one of them because the other two would have been aborted.

    Forgive me but I want to tell you something. Just now I had to get up and wipe the tears from my eyes. My emotional side is coming out. As I wrote the above paragraph I thought very hard living my life without these beautiful children. They have only been in our lives less than a year, but I can’t remember living without them. I can’t do it.

    Some one tell me what two should I throw in the trash? Which one should remain? The one most perfect? The one who is the strongest, most developed or most ‘white’? How dare the Planned Parenthood and other abortionist providers decide which ‘black’ child should live and which should die. NO!!! This is unacceptable!

    When these kids came to us they were thin but they were healthy. They were ‘slow’ in their world knowledge, they did not know such things as Sesame Street or Hannah Montana. They didn’t even know that Play-duh smelled like vanilla cookies. They didn’t know shoes came with strings or pants came with zippers.Their bodies never was washed by a warm shower or did they ever have the joy of being ‘dunked’ in a pool. Or a piggy back ride from an older brother. Or the gentle touch of an older sister’s hand. Or the smell of grandfathers stinky cigar. My baby sister only thought ‘white princesses’ wore tiara’s. But she was wrong. My parents bought her a tiara and she is our princess.

    My baby siblings did not know that men have beards and beards can tickle their face, nose, neck and tummy. My baby siblings didn’t know some of us only had eight toes and the same guy wore rings in his ears. They did not know these things but if they had been conceived in NYC at least two of them would have never known.

    These kids teach us something everyday. But most importantly they teach us how to love without being judgmental, how to laugh without malice, and how to cry when we are sad. The love of child is the greatest gift a stupid guy from Italy could ever receive.

    And this is the argument against abortion that no one can fight. Look at my baby siblings…look at Benji and tell me you support the slaughtering of the unborn child, and I will show you a person who is lost.

    • Finola

      Well said Davide! It is hard to fathom how one can be on the side that says “my body, my choice” when that choice selfishly destroys the life of another. But what keeps me hopeful is the conversions of hearts. Each time a mother changes her mind outside an abortion clinic and is persuaded by pro life people praying or talking to her, she is learning that abortion is not the right solution. Each time pro life people reach out to a pregnant mother to help her with whatever she needs to carry her child to term, a conversion of heart happens. I’ve been very blessed to be at deliveries as I am a labor nurse, to see babies make it into the world through the generosity of other pro life people who literally walked with young pregnant girls and helped them in all their needs. Those are my absolute favorite deliveries. The meaning that life is an awesome gift is never more poignant than at those moments and yes…. There isn’t a dry eye in the delivery room!



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