Video: Obama Mocks the Sign of the Cross

While most of us were home celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family and giving thanks to God for His abundant blessings, President Obama was having a different sort of day:

… did you catch that? Obama absolved the turkey with what he called a “special dispensation” as he made the sign of the cross in mockery over it.

Charlotte Hays points out he actually did it twice because he found it so funny:

“…Catholics begin every Mass with the sign of the cross. It is the sign the priest makes over a penitent at that mysterious moment when one’s sins take flight. But the president seems to find Christianity’s defining symbol a hoot.

The first time President Obama made the gesture, the crowd laughed appreciatively. “I like doing that,” the president said and then did it again. Try to imagine any previous president of the United States publicly funning with the sign of the cross.”

Others have pointed out that this year also marked the fourth year the President refused to mention God in his Thanksgiving address. Instead, he urged Americans to unite under his White House.

His address did mention that we should be thankful for our freedom to “worship as we please”, which for the President is the full extent of what freedom of religion means. At least that’s what his Justice Department is arguing before the courts deciding the constitutionality of the HHS mandate.

As I said, a very different day celebrating a very different outlook on American life and Catholic culture.

Four more years of this, folks.



  • Sarah

    *Face palm* He is anti Catholic and anti life. That office is trying to make paying for birth control and abortions MANDATORY for the Catholic Church.

  • Phil lawless

    if ever there were an indication of the president’s Chritianity, it is this. For the last six years, in fact.

  • Illuminatus

    Illuminatus!!! Long live the New World Order!

  • Yohance97

    President Obama is NOT anti Catholic. This is NOT the 1920’s. People do NOT care about a few whiney right wing Catholics. I am CATHOLIC and LEFT HANDED. I make the sign of the cross just as he did. #CatholicDemocrat

  • abadilla

    Mr. Peters. I’m noticing more deleted comments. That is sending me a clear message. Moderators are beginnng to tackle the problem of trolls at CV. Thank you so much!

  • Poor Yorek


    First he’s the Prophet;

    Next he’s the King;

    Now he’s the High Priest.

    Our Lord and Savior, The Obama.




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