Video: Obama Mocks the Sign of the Cross

While most of us were home celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family and giving thanks to God for His abundant blessings, President Obama was having a different sort of day:

… did you catch that? Obama absolved the turkey with what he called a “special dispensation” as he made the sign of the cross in mockery over it.

Charlotte Hays points out he actually did it twice because he found it so funny:

“…Catholics begin every Mass with the sign of the cross. It is the sign the priest makes over a penitent at that mysterious moment when one’s sins take flight. But the president seems to find Christianity’s defining symbol a hoot.

The first time President Obama made the gesture, the crowd laughed appreciatively. “I like doing that,” the president said and then did it again. Try to imagine any previous president of the United States publicly funning with the sign of the cross.”

Others have pointed out that this year also marked the fourth year the President refused to mention God in his Thanksgiving address. Instead, he urged Americans to unite under his White House.

His address did mention that we should be thankful for our freedom to “worship as we please”, which for the President is the full extent of what freedom of religion means. At least that’s what his Justice Department is arguing before the courts deciding the constitutionality of the HHS mandate.

As I said, a very different day celebrating a very different outlook on American life and Catholic culture.

Four more years of this, folks.



  • Faith & reason

    Found this ‘dispensation’ insulting and arrogant. He is the president not the pope or a priest or even catholic. Surely the ‘proper’ light action would have been a ‘pardon’, ‘stay of execution’??? No chuckles from me. Only deepened my conviction of his disrespect, discrimination and prejudice against Catholics. No words really. Whatever his next four years brings, it will be very bad for Catholics and all Christians in this country.

  • prolifemomri

    Was the turkey released, or “blessed” on the way to the oven? Just wondering if we should hope he would or would not give the unborn babies a similar “dispensation”. In any case we continue to hope and pray for the president’s conversion, health and safety. We may as well include a prayer that his slight insensitivity in using the sign of the cross that way will result in some good as well. I sure didn’t vote for him, and definitely didn’t want others to vote for him, but i don’t think he meant this as an insult to Christianity.

  • Mary

    In this country we have a lot of stuff to be legitimately antsy about. The current administration has boldly put Religious Liberty on notice, morals are rapidly in decline, and our rights are slowly being stripped away. If that last point seems a bit too much for you, please remember that in NYC, one is not ALLOWED to order a drink more than 16 ounces (of soda). Anyway, there is a lot to be upset about. I get upset all the time. I stay up at night worrying. I wonder what our world is going to look like in twenty years. I am scared about where we are headed (but take comfort in the promises of our Lord). BUT…


    Let me tell you something that should NOT have our panties in a jumble…
    President Barack Obama blessing a turkey before it goes to death. That is funny. It was a cute little video, where he, his wife, and his child are laughing. It wasn’t meant to be an attack on the Catholic Church. It wasn’t meant to be disrespectful. You can tell by the video it was a spur of the moment funny thing.

    Now before you panic, understand that I understand 2 things.

    1. If he mocked pretty much any other religion besides Catholicism EVERYONE would panic and it would be front page news

    2. He is the President of the United States and so he is called to a high level of sensitivity in all actions.

    That being said…IT was NOT a big deal.

    You know what we should be talking about?

    An economy that continues to tank, jobs lost, entitlement as the norm, student debt rising and forgiveness being on the table, social security, Medicare, etc… Those things matter.

    Would you like to know what IS a big deal?
    The current administration going to war with religion. The Current Administration deciding that the law of the land can force religious institutions to pay for, either directly or indirectly, services that religious organizations deem morally unacceptable.

    You know what is a HUGE deal?

    The current administration’s policies regarding abortion. The fact that babies are being killed with this country’s permission and the current president has sworn to respect that right (even at nine months, even after a baby is born ALIVE from a botched abortion, even without the consent of parents, etc…)

    Do you know what doesn’t matter?
    The president blessing a turkey before it meets it’s untimely death.

    And would you like to know why I am ticked off about it???

    Because making things like this a huge deal (the blessing) detracts from the REALLY big deals that are happening. People don’t want to listen to us ‘extremists’ when we panic about an obvious joke. We forget real issues. And, we end up looking like fools. But to take it one step further…we end up losing elections.

    Did I just say we lost the election for caring about things like the blessing of a turkey?

    Do I get that it is way more complicated than that?
    (so no need to comment in despair- it’s my blog, I can say what I want to).

    So friends, let’s let the turkey go. I know that some of you will struggle to do so, because of the whole, ‘Barack Obama is the anti-christ’ thing…but we really should let it go.

    I do believe that real evil is at play here, but I believe the evil is abortion, the stripping away of religious rights, and the movement towards a socialism-based government (ha- just kidding, don’t panic lefty-leaning friends)…

    IT IS NOT the evil of blessing a turkey.

    WHEW, I feel better.

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  • Paul H.

    What an idiotic non-story.

  • Pater

    I didn’t read the comments… but did anyone else notice that the President’s older daughter repeatedly backed away from him when he reached out for him?

  • Marcie Frazee

    Oh, get over yourselves! People make the sign of the cross over stuff in jest all of the time. Yes, even Catholics (oh, the humanity!). I seriously wonder if a white president had made such a sign if it would have received any attention at all. I seriously doubt it. (sigh) Methinks some of you have forgotten that even our Heavenly Father has a sense of humor.



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