Video: Planned Parenthood supporters show their true colors

A mix of anger and stupidity on display at Planned Parenthood’s rally yesterday, as a local reporter interviews their supporters (jump to 2:59 in the video for the “best” part):

Folks, this is what we are dealing with on the other side.

If you live in PA, NY, RI or NH – come out for a pro-life rally!

Meanwhile, over at the LiveAction blog, I’ve introduced a contest, “Rename Planned Parenthood’s PeptoBus!” There are already plenty of awesome suggestions.

Ph/t: Jill Stanek



  • Laura

    On “the best part”:is he serious? PP aiding pimps has nothing to do with the topic of defunding them? what?!!! I just can’t understand how someone defends something on which they obviously have zero information about

    • Erin

      The president recently said something along the same lines: oh, that is just a distractor, and what people really care about is the economy. Way to avoid tackling the issue.

  • Tito Edwards

    Good job Thomas!

  • DPierre

    A response to the “You-are-for-the-Iraq-War-and-in-favor-of-the-death-penalty-but-against-abortion” argument.

    This can easily be turned around against the pro-choicer: “Wait. You are against the Iraq War and against the death penalty, but you are O.K. with the mass extermination of innocent unborn babies? (Aren’t you inconsistent?)”

  • DPierre

    A number of missed opportunities here:

    1. Re: The guy talking about LiveAction’s undercover: Full, unedited tapes from the LiveAction PP visits HAVE been posted.

    2. The guy says, “Religious fanatics wish to impose their ideology on the population.”

    Reply: Uhhhh, isn’t this guy imposing HIS IDEOLOGY on the population by standing out there by the bus?

    3. The guy says, “I don’t see how I could have the right to tell a woman if she should have a child or not.”

    Reply: Dude, if the woman is already pregnant, she ALREADY has an innocent child inside of her.

    4. The guy says, “It’s not my body.”

    Reply: He’s right about that; but what about the innocent human body inside a pregnant woman? What about THAT body?

  • Lisa Graas

    If that lady believes in ‘scientific evidence’ then she is clearly on th wrong side of this debate. I wish these people would get out of the seventies and look at 4D ultrasound technology…not to mention embryology.

  • Billy Atwell

    It it just me or are these people using the same out-dated, unscientific arguments of the 1970’s? Have they read anything about abortion in the last couple decades?

    “It’s my body”, “I don’t have all the evidence”, blah blah blah.

    It’s almost too annoying to watch.

    • Bruce

      They could fall in line with Barbara Boxer, who claims that what is in the womb, born, and swaddled is not a baby until a person takes it home. With that kind of logic, is there any way to actually hold a conversation without laughing at them?



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