Tragic: Pregnant women given powerful abortion drug by mistake

This … is heartbreaking:

Please join me in praying for the safety of the young woman and her child.

I can’t help but note that the only element that makes this scenario a tragedy, as opposed to a routine abortifacient procedure, is that this young woman wanted her child. In both the case of this young woman and the case of a young woman who does not want to keep her child … the child remains the same. For pro-aborts, a mother’s attitude towards their child determines whether it will live or not.

This is the contradiction at the heart of the pro-abortion movement: wanted babies are precious, called a “child”, and their mothers are given pre-natal care. CNN feels free to call a wanted child an “unborn baby.” Unwanted babies, on the other hand, are disposable – an inconvenience, referred to as a “fetus” and their mothers are told that the abortion procedure they are about to undergo is routine, commonplace.

Such a contradiction cannot last forever in any civilized society.



  • Robert

    Thomas, your point in the penultimate paragraph is spot-on. And it won’t be too much longer, I fear, until such reasoning extends to end-of-life issues, as well — wanted elderly are cared for, unwanted elderly are euthanized. The problem in both situations (abortion and euthanasia) is that one’s worth is determined by someone external, rather than being inherent in one’s existence as a human being.

  • ND Envirochick

    While this is indeed a tragic situation, I find several misleading issues here. First, methotrexate is NOT primarily “an abortion pill;” it is used WIDELY to treat psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other immune response issues in addition to its wide use as a cancer treatment. Also, MANY drugs have a side effect of causing abortion or miscarriage; that does not make them “abortion pills.”

    Finally, the bottle was clearly marked with a name that was not the patient’s AND the correct name of the medication it held. Whether pregnant or not, it is YOUR responsibility as the patient to ensure that you have received the proper medication, and you should NEVER consume any medication without reading both the bottle in which it came AND the printed materials required to be provided with it EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    Yes, this is a tragic situation. Yes, we should pray for the safety of the woman and her fetus. But to point the finger solely, or even primarily, at the pharmacy is dubious.

    • GW 3 characters?

      I’d also read (I cant remember where- Newsbusters or else Lifesite) that the prescription was originally intended for a 59-yearold woman for something completely different from an abortion. That particular article also mentioned that the dosage was much less than what would be used to induce an abortion. I hope and pray that the allegedly small dosage won’t harm the baby.

    • Amanda

      ND, I think you are being slightly uncharitable here. When I get medication from my pharmacy, that I have been going to for years, I never really look at the name on the bottle, I look at the dosage and all the warnings and such, but since I have been going there for years and I give them my name to pick up my medication, it is logical to assume it is your own prescription and not someone else. Although I can’t talk about this pharmacy’s policies, I know at my pharmacy they put the medication in a bag and then staple all the information about the drug to it. Most people (who are rarely sick) don’t know one medicine from another so to say that they should pay attention to that they should, is not fair since the doctors and pharmacists go to school and get paid lots of money to get it right. Also if this pharmacy is like mine, they will staple all the information of the drug onto the bag. The information has the patients name as such, for all we know she could have read that and then took the medication. One last thing, she considers her child a baby not a fetus, you should refer to her child as such. Peace be with you.

  • Torie

    Thanks for posting — prayers for this Mom and her child. Absolutely heartbreaking!

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  • Andy F.

    “the unborn baby’s health may be at risk”-I thought if we follow CNN, we were only to be concerned with the health of the mother. Since when does CNN care about a baby?



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