VIDEO: Priest to IRS-You Can’t Stop Us

Today is the first day of the Fortnight for Freedom, and a great day for priests to remember: The Constitution doesn’t say you can’t say what you want from the pulpit.

In fact, the Constitution says you can’t be silenced at your pulpit.

A friend sent this excellent “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” homily by Father Andrew Kemberling.

Appropriately he is at St. Thomas More Catholic Church, in Centennial, Colorado. The fortnight starts today, on the vigil of More’s feast, and lasts until July 4.


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  • SoCalChick

    I needed this spark of hope today. Finally, a man of the cloth with a spine! Unlike most of our Bishops who turn a blind eye to the anti-Catholic|anti-American activities of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD). This group has been funding Democrat only voter registration for years along with its Marxist Community Organizing Farm Teams for the Democrat party. Go see the CCHD 2013 grantee list – it’s a progressive’s dream chock full of pro-choice groups. If you put money in the collection basket on the Sunday before Thanksgiving you are funding the CCHD. Tell the Bishops to defund or reform the CCHD or you’ll boycott the collection on the day the CCHD comes slithering down the aisle for money.

  • debra price

    God Bless you, Fr. Kemberling, it’s about time we stand up to this corruption of our freedoms.

  • Connie dopazo

    I am not a conservative. I have learned a lot that I did not know about the Johnson Amendment. Good for you Father, we all are hurt when the freedom of expression is curtailed. It is about time we stand up for the rights that belong to all of us.

  • Karl Komara

    I am very happy to see this priest speak the way priests should. Here is a man who is unafraid. He has no reason to be afraid. I hope all the others will follow suit. Thank you Father!!

  • Jean M

    Right on, Father! We need to hear this kind of message more often. Then maybe we will quit rolling over and playing dead and start standing up loud and proud for our God given rights and not what the government thinks is right for us!!

  • Joe M

    Please do not forget that the government is really the people that we elect to represent us. If they do not do that why do we reelect them. We have to get rid of the idea that my elected official is ok but others are NG. All of them are the problem as the do nothings do not go to those who are speaking and sell them on the idea of you are incorrect. Both the D and R’s are at fault.



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