VIDEO: Priest to IRS-You Can’t Stop Us

Today is the first day of the Fortnight for Freedom, and a great day for priests to remember: The Constitution doesn’t say you can’t say what you want from the pulpit.

In fact, the Constitution says you can’t be silenced at your pulpit.

A friend sent this excellent “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” homily by Father Andrew Kemberling.

Appropriately he is at St. Thomas More Catholic Church, in Centennial, Colorado. The fortnight starts today, on the vigil of More’s feast, and lasts until July 4.


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  • Terry McCall

    Thank you Father. We the people are crying out for your leadership. Free us from this oppression. Keep speaking the truth.

  • Greg Groebner

    I visit this website, and the first thing I see is Mr. Fiarkoski’s comment that “we need to get ALL Catholics, christians, Jews and muslims behind this movement”.

    But that’s exactly the problem.

    We’ve already got divorce and now homosexual marriage, out of respect for some persons’ ideas about fairness and love and religion. If there is more promotion of religious liberty, soon the Muslims and old-time Mormons will also have their views on marriage enshrined in our laws. Indeed, on the matter of abortion, the current national laws closely match the religious views of the Jews, and they view restrictions on abortions as a Christian imposition upon their religious liberties.

    An indiscriminate religious liberty is the problem, not the solution.

    • JackB

      Greg, your words ring true. When the Pope makes an attempt at ecumenism he opens the door to capitulation. I feel there is an oxymoron in professing evangelism and ecumenism. Saying that other Christians are fundamentally flawed, (Pope John Paul II), there can be no acceptance by Catholics.

  • Gerri

    Dear God. Please allow America to Wake Up, come back to You and come back to Basics. This Priest is great and I applaude him and his courage to say this. I just spoke to a Teacher in the Mid West who said that they are taking Computers and Cell Phones out of the schools and replacing the Computers with TYPEWRITERS. She said that if they do, Children will have TO leARN TO SPELL,. NO Correcting tape, no cut and paste” and above all, NO tograping the Test and Answers and CHEATING on the Test. She said she overheard one student tell another one that they had taken pictures on their Cell and the answer page. She became inraged chaned the “order of the Test questions” and they all FAILED. I also applaude the Teacher.

  • John Fiarkoski

    we need to get ALL Catholics, christians, Jews and muslims behind this movement

  • Jeff

    Truly. It is time to claim our rights as a free people. It is time to openly and actively support the likes of Father Kemberling.

  • Carol

    Hooray! I wish that I had more time to help. Another major problem is that we have too many self-hating Catholics.



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