VIDEO: Priest to IRS-You Can’t Stop Us

Today is the first day of the Fortnight for Freedom, and a great day for priests to remember: The Constitution doesn’t say you can’t say what you want from the pulpit.

In fact, the Constitution says you can’t be silenced at your pulpit.

A friend sent this excellent “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” homily by Father Andrew Kemberling.

Appropriately he is at St. Thomas More Catholic Church, in Centennial, Colorado. The fortnight starts today, on the vigil of More’s feast, and lasts until July 4.


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45 thoughts on “VIDEO: Priest to IRS-You Can’t Stop Us

  1. noel johnson says:

    I am preaching it from my pulpit, and taking harassment from the government. Half a year of Army retirement pay withheld for seven months. Liberty aint for sissies.

  2. Mark says:

    As our society sleeps, our constitution is being thrown under the bus. The current administration disregards its guidelines and is pushing us into corners that will be fatal to our way of life here in America. We have become a great nation by following the constitution. Disregarding it will only bring our destruction. Like minded people must band together to prevent erosion of our God given rights. If we continue to sleep, our rights will be eroded away until we have no freedom.

  3. Edward Hara says:

    You go, Father!!! And don’t listen to those who would detract from you. Politics is simply morality under law, and the Church is concerned primarily with the moral behavior of people and keeping them from going to hell.

    God bless you, Father.

  4. Robert Pennington says:

    I appreciate this priest because he feels the passion to speak for Gods people. Another priest, Father Jim Sobus of Huntington, WV is presently being silenced from his own diocese for speaking out for the poor and the waist of money being spent by the Bishop remodeling his homes. Yes, this is political. If your a priest in WV and speak out against waste at the Diocese you get transferred to a small church where your never heard from again. God bless Father Jim for speaking out and hopefully the new Pope will transfer this Bishop in WV.

  5. Beverly Gase says:

    God Bless this Priest. I couldn’t have gotten this at a better time.
    The scandal that is coming out of the Church of Rome today is frightening……….And may not have been allowed to fester & grow if more Priests were able to use the strength of the Pulpit as this brave man
    was able to do. Thank You !!!!

  6. Mike says:

    Well said, Fr Andrew. I got the link to your video from a forwarded email which was sent to many and I will be passing this on to many as well. Keep up the fight, and I pray (literally) that this is the beginning of a movement which will save our country from the path to ruin it clearly is on.

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