Video: Rick Santorum’s Surprisingly Funny (and Pro-Big-Family) Ad

I skipped over this when I saw it first … I’m glad I decided to actually watch it:

A Fox News blogger explains it just right:

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum says he’s got the courage to do the impossible and that’s the reason Republicans should pick him to run against President Obama in 2012.

“The Courage to Fight for America” is his campaign slogan, but in this new ad, Santorum isn’t talking about his strong social stances or his determination to combat terrorists at home and abroad.

No, no. This ad highlights the courage… to drive thousands of miles with seven kids.

The ad shows a funny, approachable side to Santorum that may prove just as important as the issues to some voters. Santorum hopes to do well next week in the first substantial test of 2012 — the Ames straw poll.

On YouTube the video has 8 likes and 50 dislikes (because the liberal blog Think Progress posted it). Oh brother, what’s not to love here? I hope you go to YouTube and show the Santorum family some “like” love.

This ad puts me in mind of what I was going for in a lengthy post I wrote a couple months ago entitled “The Catholic Case for Rick Santorum.”

Maybe I can summarize it more clearly now: Rick brings all these good ideas, values and experiences into the presidential race in a package that no other current candidate can rival. Big families, big ideas, and minivans — I love it.

Rick needs to do real well this weekend at the Iowa Straw Poll to continue his campaign. I hope he does.

He hopes you do too.



  • Name *Herbert

    War is indeed a central issue in our times. Seems to me we won’t cease killing the unborn until we’ve stopped killing the born. Santorum’s compromise on this issue makes it hard for Catholics like me to even hold our noses and give this individual the support he seeks.

  • Jon

    Too bad he’s ok with sending kids like those across the world to fight wars in blatant violation of Catholic teaching on just war. What a cafeteria Catholyc. And don’t even get me started on his bold-faced betrayal of the unborn by supporting one of the most pro-death candidates in the senate when there was a viable pro-life alternative.

    Santorum is sickening, and I don’t see why so many otherwise intelligent people like Thom are making the mistake of falling for his political rhetoric.



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