Video: Stephen Colbert’s Catholic Bender!

I think we can all relate, right?



13 thoughts on “Video: Stephen Colbert’s Catholic Bender!

  1. says:

    LOL. I like that he is so open about being Catholic

  2. Jorge Preble says:

    Did not like this at all. Colbert is pandering more and more to the anti-Catholic crowd. What was up with him exonerating Planned Parenthood a few weeks ago?

  3. Matt Dawson says:

    “we laugh at ourselves.”

    Unfortunately, that laughter you hear is at jokes made at the expense of our faith. Humor that equates reception of the sacraments with a hangover is sacreligious. And we ask non-Catholics to take us seriously when we think this drivel is humorous?

    Islam, of course, was not mocked, as Colbert found it “great and true.”

    Typical Colbert.

  4. Andrew says:

    So glad he managed to make it almost 2 minutes before he took God’s name in vain….. and no one seems to care.

  5. Teep says:

    The “Catholic Speedball” line got me. Some days, he’s amazingly on the money. Funny stuff.

  6. rita says:

    I love this guy

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