Video: Stephen Colbert’s Take on the New Mass Translation

Irreverent, yes, but nevertheless, his commentary on things Catholic is more intelligent than you will typically find on basic cable (note: some may be offended by some of Colbert’s jokes).

PS. Steven: You may be the pope of basic cable, but I’m the papist of awesome blogging. When are you going to have me on the show?



  • Joe

    Found it hilarious…it’s good to laugh at ourselves every once in a while.

  • TrueCatholic

    How can ANYTHING that makes a mockery of our Catholic Faith be funny?

  • Tess

    Oh come on! “For the record, consubstantial is now Istanbul”…that’s funny!

  • Chris S

    I’m sorry… he’s an a**hole.
    Horrifies me to hear him identify as a Catholic. He thought the ‘1700 hundred year old creed’ was being tweaked? Changes took him by surprise?
    Also- all the hoopla about the new (old) translation is ridiculous. These are some of the same people who have already gone through devastating changes to the Mass since VII, and may also go through them on Sundays if there is an ad-libbing priest saying Mass. This is really ‘restoration’- no?

  • Irishtroubadour

    I was amused, but he may have put a few toes over the line on some of the comments. Still left with a smirk!

  • Warren

    I found this particular Colbert piece mildly funny. A few warm chuckles here and there. The fact that he is able to caricature the misbeliefs of a lot of Americans (and Canadians… we, too, inherited our biting satire from the British) on mainstream TV is really fun to watch.

    What a lot of folk, pseudo-catholics and non-catholics alike, apparently don’t realize is that it is the anti-Catholic bigots and lazy-minded themselves who are being poked fun at. Colbert is quite clever and the way he manages to stay in character while mixing in his own political and religious orientation in subtle ways, such as during his “interviews”, is the mark of a master comedian at work. He takes risks, to be sure. His guests often don’t know how to react to his double-entendre and frequently get snared in one trap or another, or eventually fumble so much in reaction to Colbert’s ripostes that they gradually withdraw into their confusion. It’s fun when that happens. The culture needs Colbert slipping his satire under the noses of the liberal elite.



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