Video: The Gather Hymnal Redux

I realize we’ve been enmeshed in heavy topics recently. I think it’s time for a break:

Ph/t: Aggie Catholics



  • Lola in Spain

    At our international English-language parish, we sing everything from traditional Latin to Ibo chants (many of us are Nigerian). The “Gather” hymnal is very much part of the mix, and precisely because so many of us like so many of its hymns, our choir members got a big kick out of this video. In fact, we’ve come up with a few of these ourselves over the years:
    – “Come and be filled, here at this table / Food for all who hunger, and DRINKS for all who thirst…”
    – “Full of grace, highly favored / Holy one, Starbuck’s mother [for “Stabat mater” — this one from a child who really thought that’s what it said…]

  • jcd

    Unfortunately, this singer/guitarist WILL be getting job offers and requests to lead the youth worship somewhere.

  • JohnE

    What, no liturgical dancing and giant puppets?

  • Dan

    yuk! No wonder so many leave the church!lol

    • fr jim t

      no wonder, dan? leaving the church for hymns? do a google search and find out the many reasons people leave the church & why so many are joining!

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