Video: The Precise Moment an Atheist Finally Explains to Piers Morgan What It Means to Be Catholic

What a “modern” moment — the moment when well-known atheist Penn Jillette explains to self-described Catholic Piers Morgan what it means to be Catholic (at least, Penn gives Piers a better formulation than Piers could ever come up with):

Piers’ line about “young Catholics” particularly got to me, of course. It’s up to you, my fellow young Catholics, to prove Piers wrong about what inspires and motivates young Catholics! We have to be out there in the culture in a visible way so people like Piers can’t get away with telling themselves lies about what the future of the Church holds!

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  • Gary Lockhart

    Piers Morgan is a mental eunuch who belongs to the Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, Sebelius, Campbell, Chittister, Grammick, Prejean, Gumbleton, Weakland, Mahony, et al, wing of the Church.

    He’s no Catholic.

  • Manuel

    Morgan in a nutshell: “I can’t believe how the Pope doesn’t think like me; I don’t understand why he doesn’t see things the way I do” Apparently, Morgan thinks (though he may not realize it) that he is God.

  • Frank Montez

    Ummm yeah right we don’t just give away our reasoning away to an ” ntellectual dictatorship” and stop thinking. The magesterium gives us an explanation of why this or that is so. Christianity is both faith and reason. What about you.? Are you open minded enough to question your pre suppositions? I can try to enlighten you on what the Church really teaches and why. Game?



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