Video: The Precise Moment an Atheist Finally Explains to Piers Morgan What It Means to Be Catholic

What a “modern” moment — the moment when well-known atheist Penn Jillette explains to self-described Catholic Piers Morgan what it means to be Catholic (at least, Penn gives Piers a better formulation than Piers could ever come up with):

Piers’ line about “young Catholics” particularly got to me, of course. It’s up to you, my fellow young Catholics, to prove Piers wrong about what inspires and motivates young Catholics! We have to be out there in the culture in a visible way so people like Piers can’t get away with telling themselves lies about what the future of the Church holds!

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  • Frank Montez

    I thought Penn wrote something so scathing on Blessed Mother Teresa of calcutta on how evil and sick she was because she didn’t really give them all she could’ve. With all that millions of dollars she supposedly got , she supposedly let them suffer because of the Catholic Church belief of redemptive suffering. But maybe he’s come to change his mind/heart ?

  • Jay Rettaliata

    Penn Gillette is a very funny man – and a man of intellect who respects the views of others.

    Piers Morgan is an intolerant jerk.

    I enjoyed this video immenesely.

  • Ana

    Beautifully put Penn! Piers Morgan is not really a Catholic! So sad that so many of his countrymen died to defend the Old Faith in the face of horrendous persecution. Saints Edmund Campion, Thomas Becket and Thomas More pray for us!

  • Sandmama

    Penn tells him to become a Lutheran, the most obvious answer to the Piers Morgan type-“Catholic”. Really, folks, the Lutherans will be happy to have you and the Church can continue on with more important things than your deeply held convictions about the new liberal pelvic orthodoxy.

    • Frank Montez

      Ummmm yeah right well he did say he agreed with the Pope more than most catholics. Does this mean this supposedly intelligent man would abrogate his critical faculties to a intellectual dictator ? There does seem to be an inconsistency there? As when he argues against Morgan that if you have this man who’s a conduit to God but then agrees with Morgan that condoms would save lives. You can’t have it both ways.

  • Ummmm yeah, but…

    I don’t know if it’s dawned on you, but Jillette is not offering all of this as an endorsement. He is pointing out that as a Catholic, you are obliged to abrogate your critical faculties to someone else. If the follow=up question was asked of him “do you think this is a good way to lead your life?” I doubt he would reply “yes”.

    I agree that plenty of Catholics don’t understand that they are supposed to live under an intellectual dictatorship, but that’s hardly an endorsement.

  • Sarina

    I think by “young catholics” Morgan meant “greying hippie baby boomers” because none of the young catholics from my parish question the teachings of the Catholic Church!



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