Video: Why Marriage Matters

Great video on marriage, hat tip to the Cardinal Newman Society for spotting it …



30 thoughts on “Video: Why Marriage Matters

  1. Sir Robert says:

    Marriage: One Man, One Woman…get over it. If you can’t see the difference between trad. marriage and redefining marriage, you best find a different church to worship in…sorry. But it has come to that. There are thousands of churches that will accomadate you. Try the Unitarians. They permit everything.

    1. Gay people aren’t trying to find anChurch to marry them. There are plenty of churches that welcome them. They are just trying to end the discrimination that our government perpetuates against them. We can’t have that because gay people are messed up and we have to bully them. It’s best to bully them when they are teenagers.

      1. Michael Kocian says:

        If you feel “bullied” by the truth, then it’s your own intellectual and emotional defect you need to deal with. Homosexuality has always been intrinsically disordered, and always will be. It is disordered according to the unchanging natural moral law. Telling one the truth about this is loving them. Telling them it’s okay and even good to do something that damages their relationship with God is doing evil to that person. Homosexuality could land one in eternal separation from God, or a common term would be Hell for all eternity. Try to be loving for a change toward thise with SSA and to those who tell the truth about it.

      2. Sir Robert says:

        Discrimination is not bad in its own right. We discriminate all the time and do not think twice about it…i.e. saying to a rapist “hey. Your behavior is not good. Stop.” We are discriminating against his behavior, saying we do not tolerate that. Tolerance applies to people, not to principles or ideas.

  2. Of course marriage matters. It matters for gay people too. The rest of the video is just lies and distortions and dishonesty. It’s very un-christian.

    1. Michael Kocian says:

      Your uninformed prejudicial response is what is un-Christian. Does it even matter to you what God says about homosexuality? Do you even educate yourself on this?

  3. The video says that Congress said about DOMA that “Society has a deep and abiding interest in encouraging responsible procreate and child rearing”. Some other things that were said on the floor of Congress when DOMA was passed: gay people are “immoral” and “depraved”, being gay is “based on perversions”, and that gay couples “demean” America and would be “the final blow to the American family”. DOMA was passed to hurt gay people and to exclude them from rights and benefits that everyone else enjoys because gays are icky. Let’s just be honest about ALL the reasons that we need DOMA so that we can continue to discriminate against gay people and their families.

    We all know that DOMA doesn’t encourage “responsible procreation” anymore than banning people with red hair from driving would encourage “responsible driving” for everyone else. What DOMA does do is tell gay people that they are icky and unwanted, and that’s really the best part of the law and why we need to keep it around.

    Kudos for finding this video. There’s barely a word of it that’s based in fact or honest debate.

    1. abadilla says:

      “Some other things that were said on the floor of Congress when DOMA was passed: gay people are “immoral” and “depraved”, being gay is “based on perversions”, and that gay couples “demean” America and would be “the final blow to the American family.” Is your argument against what the video said or what Congress said about gays? I’m sure Tom would appreciate your take on the video, not what Congress said about gays.
      Yes, DOMA does tell us clearly what responsible procreation is all about but your prejudices against DOMA do not allow you to see that truth. I call it “spiritual blindness,” but I don’t know how you label your attitude.
      You wouldn’t know what “honest debate is” if it were to hit you in the face!

      1. Tell me, what important government interest does banning gay Americans from civil marriage ACTUALLY accomplish?

        1. abadilla says:

          You are confusing “civil unions” with “marriage,” that belongs only between a man and a woman because of its intrinsic meaning and what that meaning does to society in general.
          To answer your question, by banning marriage for gay people, the government is accomplishing the protection of marriage between a man and a woman. It would be doing what every government in every civilized nation has done for centuries and, in the process, it is supporting marriage which is at the basis of a family which is the basic cell of society. BTW, that does not mean “all” marriages are perfect. However, once again, you are ignoring the main point of the video, why? I might add, don’t you believe in a type of government that functions through the consent of the people? In all states the majority of people has said NO to the concept of gay marriage. If you truly believe in democracy, why don’t you respect the majority of the people who are saying NO to the re-definition of marriage?
          The very concept of marriage can’t be applied to any union that is NOT between a man and a woman, because what comes out of that union is the basic cell of society, the family.
          If gay people could not achieve the same rights as heterosexual couples have in housing or employment, etc, then you would have an argument, but in order to have those benefits in our society, a gay couple does not need to re-define what marriage is.

          1. Rich says:

            WOW – you have little understanding of marriage, civil and religious, as well as history and democracy.
            The male female marriage does not need protection for others in same sex marriage, even sharing the term will not lesson the importance to the society, and has as much ability to strengthen it as weaken it.
            Civil marriage is the encoding of the rights and responsibilities of people to each other, based a lot on the concern for women and children against men who did not take full responsibility for the family. It provide all types of economic rewards and social status benefits.
            Religious Marriage is the sign of gods love for humanity.
            Both have undergone lots of changes throughout history. You can no longer acquire a wife by raiding the neighboring town, and she usually comes without and cows, chickens or candlesticks. DOMA did not protect either of these traditions of marriage. Marriage is no longer a part of international treaties solidifying kingdoms through the presentation of a virgin daughter to you warring enemy. And of course the custom of more than one wife that our father Abraham and Jesus ancestor King David had is all but gone from most industrialized countries. If fact, women and men are choosing to marry for love in most situation, a fairly recent evolution. The economic needs to marry have changed significantly in the past decades. What was once seen more for the legitimatizing the breeding of offspring for the purpose of clear lines of inheritance, have given way to marriages that may not need the same incentives.
            Democracy is not just majority rule, but also concern about those not in domination. You really cannot argue that the state is attacking the church and thinking that is bad, when you also say that the majority do not want gays to marry. Either it is good to protect minority concerns or it is not. Religious Liberty or gay marriage would not be issues if either group had enough power just to force their issue through rather than try to appeal the the rationale voter.

          2. abadilla says:

            Rich states, “WOW – you have little understanding of marriage, civil and religious, as well as history and democracy.” And I suppose you can say the same thing about the American bishops, the moral teaching of the Church and anyone you disagree with, right?
            It’s very strange, I’ve been married since 1974 and don’t know what marriage is. I have lived under this democracy since 1965 and I still don’t know what democracy is, and I have two degrees under my belt, but I don’t know anything!

          3. This is true. The bishops do not understand marriage laws. They do not understand our Constitution. They know the bible, and they should concentrate on leading their flock, not advocating for laws that limit the religious freedoms of others.

          4. abadilla says:

            The bishops are our leaders, our teachers, the Successors of the Apostles, and when the majority of them are stating something important, we better listen as Catholics. They are NOT telling us for whom to vote, but they are giving us moral principles that should guide Catholics on election day.
            “They should work on strengthening the marriages of their followers and spend less time trying to destroy the relationships of gay people.
            “They should work on strengthening the marriages of their followers and spend less time trying to destroy the relationships of gay people.”
            That’s precisely what they are doing, strenghtening the marriages of their followers as you put it, although I thought we were followers of Christ.
            How are the bishops “destroying” the relationship of gays when the majority of gays could give a rat’s ass what the Church has to say about them?

          5. Because DOMA deprives gay couples of legal protections USING THE FORCE OF LAW. Of course it affects gay people and their relationships. That’s the point.

          6. KT1 says:

            I know lots of heterosexual couples with children who have no interest in marriage (one in a 30 year relationship with 3 children). The heteros don’t care one whit about the leagal protections they are missing out on. In addition, a good lawyer can put in place legal protections for anyone and Civil Unions offer equivalent benefits. There is no need to redfine marriage in order to confer benefits to same sex couples.

          7. No, the heterosexuals YOU KNOW don’t care one whit about marriage. Lets ban gay people from marriage because it hurt them and creates a disadvantage for them and their families. Discrimination is awesome that way.

          8. Michael Kocian says:

            The eternal disadvantage is for those doing homosexual acts, and thos inexplicably promoting these in society as though being good. Both are hatred for the self and hatred for others, because it separates thise from God, possibly for an eternal disadvantage!

          9. Tom says:

            Age and degrees are no indicator of being wise.

  4. This video makes a number of statements that are just blatant lies. Under federal laws, a straight American can marry someone from another country and sponsor them for immigration to the United States so that they can live together. Gay couples, even ones that have been able to marry, can not do so, because DOMA prevents the government from recognizing them as anything but strangers. Gay married bi-national couples are being deported by our government, or forced to live in exile. So, in fact, DOMA does stop gay couples from “living how they chose” because it forces our government to DEPORT THEM! This is simple fact, and claiming otherwise is lying.

    1. abadilla says:

      Your comment tells anyone reading you, you didn’t really get the message of the video, period. You go so far as to say DOMA forces our government to deport gays, but is it not impossible to “deport” someone already a citizen of this country? Where will they be deported to? I watched the whole video and NEVER found this strange notion there. This is what happens when you watch anything with a mind that has alredy predisposed itself to condemn an argument “before” the argument is made.
      One thing is to disagree with the premise of the video, another is to say things the video NEVER said. One thing is to find “holes” in an argument, another is to vilify and calumniate the people you disagree with.

      1. perhaps you just didn’t actually read the comment.

        1. abadilla says:

          “Let’s just be honest about ALL the reasons that we need DOMA so that we can continue to discriminate against gay people and their families.” I certainly read “your” comment and once again, it is a distortion of the truth.

          1. The truth is that DOMA harms gay people and protects absolutely no one. Why are you trying to hurt gay people?

          2. abadilla says:

            No, DOMA is trying to protect traditional marriage as it has been understood by all churches for centuries.
            As for your question, why would I want to hurt anyone? I thought hurting people is unChristian since we must respect the dignity of every human being regardless of who they are, gay or heterosexual. So, when all the bishops and the Pope insist in protecting marriage, are they “hurting” gays? Very strange notion indeed?

          3. Yea, they are hurting gays when they advocate for laws that exclude gay people from legal protections.

          4. Michael Kocian says:

            Something completely opposed to moral natural law should not be legal from the state! Do you also propose that other acts opposed to moral natural law like murder and theft become legal in the USA? Or do you just have a fondness for acts that harm those who act in a homosexual manner?

          5. Michael Kocian says:

            Why are you trying to harm those with same sex attraction by telling them it’s okay to disregard God and separate their selves from him, possibly for all eternity? Please cease and desist from your hate speech toward those with SSA, and encourage them to respect God and seek His friendship rather than separation from the Eternal Father who loves us so much, He gives us the Way to spend eternity with Him!

    2. KT1 says:

      That just changed. They are no longer being deported. If you need to change the law to get benefits, change the law. There is no need to redefine marriage to confer benefits to same sex couples.

      1. Deportations are temporarily stayed. We should start deporting them again though because they aren’t married. Immigration rights are for straight people.

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