Video: “Wisdom in God’s Country” – Wyoming Catholic Graduates First Class

Don’t you wish your college graduation was accompanied by a video this cool?

Wyoming Catholic is America’s newest Catholic college, and I expect we are going to hear more and more good things about it in the years to come. From everything I’ve seen, WCC is an excellent example of the New Evangelization transforming Catholic higher ed.

A friend writes about it: “The school is very solid, and has an interesting program where students engage in an outdoor leadership program, learn to ride a horse, and learn basic survival skills, while also studying western civilization.”

That strikes me as a much-needed retreat from the world before going back into the world to convert it. As Raymond Hain wrote in The Public Discourse today, our environment (physical and social) matters. I can think of few better environments to absorb Catholic culture in one’s crucial college years than in the environment that WCC aims to provide.

What I wrote is just the tip of the ice burg – so go check out WCC’s website to learn more!



4 thoughts on “Video: “Wisdom in God’s Country” – Wyoming Catholic Graduates First Class

  1. carol says:

    My husband and I have had our sights set on WCC for the past 6 years. Our kids are currently 6 years, 12 years and 14 years old. So far, our older two are excited about going. They love the adventure!!

  2. Gabriele says:

    My son is a Junior at WCC. He walked away from a 4-year, full-ride ROTC scholarship at University of Illinois to attend WCC. Needless to say that we were extremely anxious about his and our decision to follow God’s inspiration and not practicality. There were, are and will be challenges to overcome, but seeing my son develop from an introvert, insecure High School Graduate into a young man who is proud to be Catholic, loves what he is doing and actually participated in a Waltz-Competition and is laughing about it – priceless!

  3. Curtis says:

    cool video. Wyoming is 1 state south of God’s country but its pretty close.

  4. Davide says:

    That Was a cool video

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