Video: World Youth Day 2011 Madrid Spain Promo

This video is done for a group organizing a pilgrimage to WYD:

I’m hoping the WYD organizers get me some press credentials soon so I can book my tickets!



  • Estevan W

    I have to say this is the BEST WYD video:

  • JonathanR.

    Looks like they forgot that WYD happened in Manila too…

  • Sandra Gray

    I hope Quenn Isabella and King Ferdinand are looking down from Heaven they would be so proud of Spain hosting this WYD.

    Why does the Catholic Church attrack such sicko’s like the above, is it because they do the most good and kindest of acts, unlike a lot of other religions who do nothing or to busy killing christians. Holiness always attracks evil.

  • Near Miss

    That video is an advertisement for a legionary soul-sucking front. Mission Youth is yet another fruit of and comes from the mind of of incestuous pedophile Maciel. Of COURSE, you wouldn’t know that from watching the video; as usual, you have to go looking.

    Stay away!!

    (Thomas, I bet you can find a video from a Catholic group to replace this one.)



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