Videos of Dueling Pro-Life/Pro-Abort Chicago Rallies Last Week

God Bless these brave souls who went toe-to-toe with a nasty pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage group that came together to protest a tribute held in honor of pro-life hero Joe Scheidler in Chicago (last week I wrote about the recent threats Joe has received from pro-aborts).

Here is a good photo showing the two rallys separated by a thin river of pavement:

WARNING: THIS VIDEO (showing the pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage side) CONTAINS GRAPHIC LANGUAGE and offensive images:

Source: ProLifeSociety

This one shows the pro-life side. What a healthy contrast!

Source: Students for Life of Illinois

And here’s a longer version showing the pro-life rally again:

Source: Joe Scheidler Tribute

Be not afraid, friends!



  • GeorgeS

    Isn’t it surprising that people would react like that, just for calling them murderers?

  • Martha

    Am I the only one who was seriously frightened by the “pro-choice” protesters? Even before my conversion, when I considered myself pro-choice, I wouldn’t have associated with people who spoke that way ever (let alone shouting that way in public).
    They try to make their point of view sound peppy and young, but it just sounds like the dirge of an old way dying.

  • JeepinGoJo

    @Davide thank you for you comment. Chaste. The same here except I am a hetrosexual single woman and who at one time decades ago was fighting my sexual temptations to as they call it now a days “hook up”.
    Took the high road of Chaste for Life. I wish more single Catholics would be open and advocate the virtues of a chaste life. God Bless you Davide.

    • Davide

      Thank you Jeep…I haven’t always been chaste as I should. I went through my own battles. I go to confession do well for a while then I fall into was an endless cycle. Finally on 26 June I had enough of it..I wasn’t kidding God and I certainly wasn’t fooling myself…I made a promise and an oath…the funny thing all my adult siblings who are not married also made this same oath of chastity. As far as I know they have not had sex. My older sister who is 29 is a proud virgin. She is very attractive and has dumped many boyfriends because she refuses to have sex until she is married. One guy dumped her after cheating on her..because she refused to cave ….I am very proud of her and she is a huge inspiration to me, to all of her unmarried adult siblings (all boys)….In all honesty it is a lot easier if you have a large support group. I could never do it alone..I don’t think.

      • Laura

        It’s always encouraging to hear stories like your sister’s. She’s setting a good example not just for her siblings but for other people too. It’s always nice to know you’re not alone…

    • Amanda

      Purity is indeed a beautiful virtue. We must always pray for strength in temptations, for God is ready to give us all the graces we need to resist evil. He also pours out His Mercy upon us each time we go to Confession.

      Let us pray for all of the faithful and the entire world, especially pro-abortion people who are very far from the Truth.

      St. Maria Goretti, pray for us!

  • Laura

    The pro-choice mob is plain creepy, I’m glad to be on the balloons side :)

  • Davide

    Oh crap just watched video and I am an “***hole” like I didn’t already know-she was wrong has nothing to do with my pro-life stance–as everything to do with genetics…

  • Davide

    Why are pro-choice advocates such nasty folk?. Of course I can be just as nasty if provoked. I have a notious temper-working on it. As man with same-sex inclination, you would think sex would be my huge fault or hang up (nope I am chaste) it’s my freaking Italian temper that me and two other siblings inherited from our mother. We blame her. Anyways I seen these videos and these pro-choice advocates can be nasty and extemely vulgar-of course they support the killing of children so I guess nastiness and vulgarity goes with the pro-death agenda. BTW Mr. Peters this website is totally addicting–you should offer a help line for those of us who need it..LMAO

    • GeorgeS

      Isn’t it surprising that people would respond angrily just for being called murderers?



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