Vote for A Catholic GOP Nominee?

As Radio Iowa reports, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum is arguing that nominating a Catholic candidate would help the GOP. (Hat tip: Politico). “The Republican Party has never nominated a Roman Catholic,” the former Pennsylvania senator said in Ames Monday. “That might not be a bad idea when you think of Iowa, Pennsylvania, Florida and some of the big swing states in the east.”

Already Thomas has made a policy-dominated case for Santorum as a Catholic candidate. Now Santorum is making a political case for a Catholic candidate in general. Is Santorum correct? Would you, your friends, or family members be more likely to vote for a Republican presidential nominee because of his Catholicism?



  • David

    What is the impact of this sort of thing on the church’s message to the world?

  • tz1

    Brian put it well, but it is worse. Several months after telling everyone including all faithful Catholics to vote for Spectre – which he explained but did not REPENT of – he wenrt to a Detriot Men’s conference an explained his victories were a miracle of God since he didn’t have a chance. No one asked him why he thought God’s power fizzled out or did not apply to Pat Toomey. The rest is Providence playing out through history.

    So he would recommend a ciulture-of-death republican? He aleady did.

    All the talk of virtue and righteousness here is merely hipocracy thart would have made the Pharisees blush if it isn’t followed by choosing the most virtuous, principled candidate, not the most pragmatic, ‘electible’ one. If the most virtuous isn’t Ron Paul, please make a case for your alternative or shut up. Or better yet, help him get the nomination starting with the Ames straw poll.

  • Phillip, SFO

    Only for a faithful, orthodox, Catholic. I would investigate his/her stance on every Catholic issue before pulling the lever. No CINO’s need apply for my vote – and I don’t care what your political party is.

  • Brian

    No way!!! Santorum is a statist just like the rest of the RINOs. The only real hope for virtue and liberty is Ron Paul.

    Santorum is paid for by WAR Inc., end of story. A vote for Santorum is a vote for the military defense complex, more war, an increase of the police state, and a loss of the few civil liberties we have left that Santorum didn’t have enough time to eliminate when he was a senator.

    Vote Ron Paul for life, liberty, virtue, freedom, and peace.

  • Joe M.

    So is Rick endorsing Thad McCotter? Unlike Rick’s prior support for Specter over Toomey, Thad’s consistently applied Catholic principles to his political and legislative activities.

    • Joe M

      Wait. I already changed the name I use here to avoid confusion with another “Joe”. Now there is another “Joe M”?!

      • Just another Joe…

        I’ve previously used Joe M. for the same reason as well, but I’ve modified my name to clarify.


    The only Republicans in the current line up who I’d be comfortable have the wisdom, experience and temperment to assume the presidency are the two Mormons.

    • Nathan

      Absolutely agreed.



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