Vouchers Could Come Up for Vote Today in Illinois House

Senate Bill 2494 could come up for a full vote in the Illinois House as soon as today.  SB 2494 provides for a limited voucher for students at under-performing public school students to use at the private school of their choice.  It does not reduce funding for public schools, and is fully supported by the Archdiocese of Chicago and Superintendent Sr. Mary Paul McCaughey, OP.


Here are a few Democrats that are considering supporting the Bill (and thus students)

Representative Jack D. Franks (D) – 63rd District
Springfield Office (217) 782-1717
Woodstock (Illinois) Office (815) 334-0063

Representative Marlow H. Colvin (D) – 33rd District
Springfield Office (217) 782-8272
Chicago Office (773) 783-8492

Your calls have been effective with the Republicans (but more is better). Rep’s Franks and Colvin have shown support for school choice and need encouragement to continue with it.


From the esteemed Chris Robling: Here’s some Republicans for a second shift call

There is a small list of vitally needed state reps — Representatives Tracy, Coulson, Pihos, Ramey, Reboletti, Bassi, Bost, Hatcher, Myers and Brauer — that will benefit from friendly and issue-based encouragement to support Sen. Meeks’ bill.

Telephone numbers here for the Republicans



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