Vulnerable Senate Democrats call for delay in Obamacare rollout

Boy, when Republicans suggested delaying Obamacare, they were called “anarchists” and “terrorists” and such.

But now Democrats in the Senate facing a tough reelection next year are running scared over the failed Obamacare rollout.

Thankfully, they have a idea on what to do:

Kay Hagan“The problems surrounding the federal exchange for the Affordable Care Act are absolutely unacceptable,” said Sen. Kay Hagan, D-NC, in a statement. “North Carolinians are frustrated that they haven’t been able to enroll in health insurance plans, and I am just as frustrated. Today I am asking the Administration to extend the open enrollment period by two months, and waive the penalty for the individual mandate for the same period of time, to make up for time that is being lost while the website for the federal exchange is not functioning.”

Other Senate Democrats calling for a delay include: Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and Mark Begich of Alaska.


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  • Tony

    Right or wrong the debt ceiling is always going up regardless of President. But when the tea party republicans (anarchists) vote no to raise it to economically defeat our country they need to be thrown out of office by not voting them in their next turn at reelection!

  • Janet Schmitt

    I don’t know why the populace doesn’t see that the Ted Cruz et al only wanted to stop Obamacare; they always fully funded the government, except for Obamacare. It was the president and Harry Reid who would t even budge an inch on the compromise. And the RHINO’s folded. I hope all the progressives on both sides are replaced, and term limits are instituted so we are truly heard by our representatives in Congress.

    • DIANNA

      Look young man..obama has been spending 3 times what Bush spend in one year.. So to Allow Bush spending at 560 billion.. is totally different than obama 1.7 trillion spending a year.. THE DEBT CEILING UNDER OBAMA IS IN THE TRILLIONS, while BUSH’S SPENDING WAS IN THE 550 BILLIONS.. THERE IS THE DIFFERENCE..

  • Michael Chandler

    Sounds like they’re more scared of facing angry voters than the Obamacare thing.

    Well, they did support that legislation. Time to face the consequences.



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