Waiting for Superman

I suspect most readers here would not respond positively if I recommended a new movie from filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, the Director of Al Gore’s infamous An Inconvenient Truth.  But think again.  This is a must see movie (and I haven’t even seen it yet!).

Waiting for Superman is the story of our faltering public educational system, and the failure of government and society to offer families, and especially children in failing schools, real choices – including the chance to attend private schools.  The movie has premiered in other cities, but opens for the first time this weekend in Chicago.  If I wasn’t attending our pilgrimage in LaCrosse, I would be purchasing a ticket to see this film.

Anyone who has seen, or plans to go see the movie, please let us know what you think.



  • Mack Hall

    There is no educational system; there is only a primordial chaos of conflicting local, state, and federal laws, a chaos that only John Milton or Dante Alighieri could adequately describe. I’m afraid that any top-down solution would be a N.I.C.E. (cf C. S. Lewis’ THAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH), and local solutions have proven too often to become good ol’ boyism.

    This is a challenge.

  • Matt

    The message of this movie hits the nail right on the head. I have been a public school teacher for years and I have seen more dead weight in teachers than you can see at a cemetery…and they can’t be fired! They just get “displaced” or moved to other schools and positions where they won’t do as much damage. While “No Child Left Behind”, the community, inclusion, and other programs have slowly killed the learning process, getting rid of the unions would be a great step in the right direction. This needed to be exposed!

  • fish

    The education system is failing because the philosophy of education has been impoverished by state intervention.

    You cannot expect people to be interested in learning without teaching them why what they are learning is valuable. There is a reason the university system developed around monasteries.

    If you don’t believe in God what is the point of spending any time studying or ‘improving’ yourself? Why would you want to improve the world or the race ? In short why , would you care about education.

    Compulsory education is one of the factors killing the system.
    You cannot educate people who do not want to learn many of the ‘problem’ students in schools have problems , because they have not been taught the value of education at home and have no support in their home life for education.

    Some have philosophical objections to education in and of itself, others have philosophical objections to the way children are educated in the modern system, but there are even more out their who just don’t care.

    It seems immoral to me to imprison someone , or their children and force them to recite things they don’t agree with. It is violation of their religious freedom.

    It should not be the job of teachers to ‘motivate’ students , that should be the job of the students themselves and or their parents. Failing the motivation of the student , they should not be required to attend what they consider unimportant.



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