Was Santorum’s Triple Victory Last Night a Referendum on Obamacare’s HHS Mandate?

Rick Santorum had a HUGE night last night, winning all three states that held primaries and caucuses yesterday: Missouri by over 30 points (winning every county), Minnesota by almost 20 points, and most surprising of all, Colorado by 5 points.

First of all, I want to PRAISE and THANK all of you who responded to my post yesterday calling on Catholics to support Rick Santorum in these states.

One provocative take on what fueled this Santorum surge is Larry Kudlow’s (who most people will know from his financial show on CNBC):

“A vote for Rick Santorum tonight was the easiest and most immediate voter path to protest Obamacare and Obama’s pro-abortion view.”

Kathyrn Lopez says Kudlow told her: It’s a referendum on Obamacare and the Department of Health and Human Services mandate.

Now there’s a fascinating idea. After all, polls show that a large portion of GOP primary voters are making their final choice for who to support the week before and day of the primary. As my list shows, Catholic bishops across Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado instructed their priests to join them in denouncing the mandate from the pulpit these past two Sundays, and a Rasmussen poll today finds that a majority of voters oppose the mandate. And Rick Santorum has been mentioning his strong opposition to the mandate on the campaign trail leading up to yesterday’s elections.

People are angry about this mandate. And they are looking for the candidate who most strongly can articulate what is wrong with the mandate and what he would do as President to reverse course on this and a host of other threats to religious freedom.

Whatever the reasons, Rick Santorum now has his best shot to win the Republican nomination. Maine is currently holding its caucuses. Arizona and Michigan hold their primaries on February 28th (save the date!) and Washington state holds its caucuses on March 3rd. If you live in these states or have friends and family who do, please do what you can to continue building the Santorum momentum!

As I tweeted last night, “I love that politics still surprises me. I predicted a big night [for Rick Santorum]. This was a huge night.”

I woke up this morning realizing the possibility of a Rick Santorum presidency is far less remote than it was yesterday. What a pleasant and, indeed, exciting surprise. Game on!



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  • Bro AJK

    I cast my ballot for Rick too. Might have been the only time I could vote for someone and not need a clothespin for the nose.

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  • Kevin Dillon

    As a Catholic, and long time resident of El Paso county in Colorado who attended his first caucus last night, it was energizing to see a couple of things that foreshadowed a HUGE evening for Santorum. 1) The large turnout for our precinct (90 folks in one small high school classroom), and 2) an almost two-thirds vote for Mr. Santorum. What was even more uplifting was the call to prayer before the caucus began. I truly believe that the present administration is on borrowed time.

  • Will

    “Was Santorum’s Triple Victory Last Night a Referendum on Obamacare’s HHS Mandate?”

    I would say no, as all of the other Republican candidates have a similar stance on the HHS mandate.



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