“We are a Church on Fire!” Eucharistic Adoration transforms parish

From South Coast Today:

A little church in a small town, St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church was facing tough times. The congregation was dwindling, and Mass attendance was at an all-time low. The empty confessional was collecting dust, and donations were dismal.

But then the unthinkable happened.

Today, St. Francis Xavier is one of the most vibrant parishes in the diocese with standing-room only Masses, confessional lines, a busload of parishioners participating in the March for Life, and an abundance of freewill donations that will make them debt-free by April.

“Jesus is on the property,” said Mary Cardoza, the spark that inflamed the parish. “We are a church on fire.”

Do you have regular Eucharistic adoration at your parish? If you don’t, you should bring the possibility up with your priest and ask other parishioners to petition for it!



  • Tony de New York

    In my parish we have Mondays and Thursday from nine to five adoration. It is a great blessing!



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