We Can Stop the HHS Mandate

Yesterday I appeared on America Live to report that for one Catholic family in Denver, Alliance Defending Freedom stopped the HHS Mandate, which would have forced the Newland family to violate their religious beliefs.

Every American, including family business owners, should be free to live and do business according to their faith. The first court to rule on question of whether Obamacare can stifle religious freedom, enjoined the HHS Mandate.

The battle for religious freedom can be won–if we stand up together.



  • Concerned

    I am very religious with common sense, and look out for poor as per Bible. Jesus used it when he said pay what’s due to Ceaser and to God. He did not have apolitical fight over it. Also he said let the man with no sin throw the first stone to the prostitute. He did not come down on her for the sin , but he used sense. We always say we should according to the constitution, but also we must use our common sense and use it to the benefit of the whole humanity.
    Healthcare takes care of many people who are unfortunate, powerless, underdogs, but church decided to take the side with rich republicans and shatter it just because of one small part of it ! “Abortion”. Jesus had said nothing about abortion in the Bible. Now church is just like Mitch McConnel, “Our goal is get rid of Obama”. We had many Presidents, and this is the first time I heard that we should get rid of this guy, like an infectious disease .
    Do not preach politics in church, and gather protestors, it’s not what we go their for.
    Just think one more thing, church decided to take action on the child abuse by priests , just because they were caught. If not caught, then Bishops would have continued to allow this burlap practice to continue. Where is the morality here, what is important, church the organization, or the children who were abused. Our silence does not mean acceptance, and the church is so concerned about the abortion, but they failed to protect the surviving children from the worst crime of taking out their innocence by the church.



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