“We Can’t Wait!” The audacity of meaningless phrases.

Frogs are smarter than us. They jump out of the slowly heating water. Wikimedia Commons; Photo by Carl D. Howe

“Yes we can” has given way to “We can’t wait.” In 2008, “Yes we can” was the vapid, but eminently positive and motivated, mantra chanted by the adoring/hypnotized/self-deluded/seriously duped/legitimately socialist masses who flocked to Obama rallies.

There was no clue at all about what it was “we can [do]” apart from get this guy elected. He was the consummate empty suit, tabula rasa, silver screen, upon which the disenchanted and newly motivated could project their hopes for the future. Whatever they wanted in a politician he became for them in their mind, record and facts notwithstanding. He had not sponsored a single piece of legislation, though his thin voting record of only two years in the Senate was the most liberal of its time. He had not authored a single journal article back when he was editor of the Harvard Law Review. Virtually all of the news media forgot that they have a financial interest in vetting unknown candidates until they heard of Wasilla, Alaska. And the bits and pieces that did come out—ACORN, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, Rev. Wright, his single-handed blocking of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act back as an Illinois state senator, his admission of cocaine use, and the fact that not one. single. person. remembers him from the time he supposedly was at Columbia—wasn’t encouraging.

But no matter. After all, “Yes we can!”

And now, “We can’t wait.”

We can’t wait for what, exactly? A perpetual unemployment rate far above that left by the hated Bush administration? A health care policy that drives up costs, compels a purchase, and forces millions off of the insurance plans they have enjoyed for many years and into a system with less ability or motivation actually to care (as opposed to merely treating a disease, if it fits the panel’s actuarial tables)? An energy policy that will doom us to dependence on foreign oil as “green” energies fail to deliver, will cause electricity prices “necessarily to skyrocket,” will sink hundreds of billions into more Solyndras, and will give us more lemons like the Chevy Volt, a car so impractical and expensive that no one will buy it even with a massive government subsidy? An environmental policy that will choke coal-fired power plants and cripple so many other industries, causing thousands more layoffs, for only the mere possibility of marginal improvements in the atmosphere? A life policy that sends more and more taxpayer dollars into the coffers of abortionists, even as We the People, through some of our state legislatures, are voting to stop that practice? An economics policy that favors selected companies within industries to the exclusion of others, thus destroying fair market competition and stifling the innovation that built this country? A policy toward poverty that makes it more likely rather than less that people will be in poverty and remain there? A labor policy that sues companies for opting to employ people who are less likely to unionize? A foreign policy that emboldens enemies and leaves allies seriously wondering whether they can rely on us? A politics of “I won,” us-versus-them, ad hominems, red herrings, straw men, and vapid phrases?

Well we don’t have to wait for any of that because we have it, and it all belongs to Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.

But apparently, “We can’t wait.” … …  ?


Perhaps he means that we can’t wait for all of those to be reversed. He’s right, but he is the reason those things are the case, so voting for him will bring more of the same, or worse.

Supposedly he means it as a hit on the Republicans controlling the House of Representatives, suggesting that they are holding up the coming of Shangri-La when unicorns shall return, all wars shall cease, cars will run on happy thoughts, and all laborers will be good little union comrades happy that their wages are being garnished to fill the coffers of organizations and government agencies who oppose and restrict so many things they support and enjoy.

But how many of them will be chanting that mindless phrase, “We can’t wait! We can’t wait! We can’t wait!”

For what? It doesn’t matter! It’s a mass of people who are whipped up! It’s a simple phrase of three monosyllabic words with three different vowel sounds so it can be understood even when chanted by large crowds and it means something forward, something coming, something to rally around. We just have no real clear idea what that something is.

Those not duped/self-deluded/hypnotized/paid off/socialist persons among us also can’t wait. Like a frog in a pot of water with the burner turned on HI, we can’t wait.

Frogs don’t actually get boiled though—that’s a myth. They jump out. Are they smarter than we are?



  • Michele

    “Yes we can!” “We can’t wait!” “Four legs good! Two legs bad!” We can’t wait…to vote him out office.



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